Episode #4 - The Little Things that Make Life So Grand -

Episode #4 – The Little Things that Make Life So Grand

We all have different goals and aspirations. We all have different little things that matter to us, some more than others even. Furthermore, we all value and place value on things differently. Society continues to throw millions of objects at us at millions of miles an hour. Therefore, it’s often hard to determine what really matters. Or why, even. Since they said this is best or this is why we can’t live without right? 

I used to buy things because they were cool. It seems like the more time goes by the more choices that are available to us. The more choices we have, the more we’ll have to decipher through. I’m the little thingsdefinitely now starting to see that less is more. I’m sure a lot of us can relate to buying things we don’t need. It’s almost like we focus more on things we can’t live without, rather than the things that really matter. 

I meant a woman at a dinner who was very open about her finances or the lack thereof. Don’t judge me, but just by the look of her I could tell that she was pretty high maintenance. Nothing wrong with driving an X5 and dressing nice. But when the price you pay for this life prevents you from enjoying them, then what’s the point right? She was complaining, basically confirming that this life she chose was doing her more harm than good. So what’s the good feelin in that? 

I was humbled at a point. I never used to be short on cash. But now busting my ass to doing whatever gig I needed to do to survive. Meanwhile, attempting to achieve a goal. But had I focused on the things that I lost in order to gain what I wanted, I probably would’ve gone through a breakdown. What got me through was this:

      1. I knew I had to get to where I wanted to go
      2. I knew that only I was responsible for me getting there. No one was going to help me.
      3. I knew I had what it took to get me there. No doubt.
      4. I call this one the final 4. I knew that I was going to have to shift my focus on all the things that I did have. Because I knew that that was the only resource I had to take me to where I wanted to go. So it was definitely better to cherish it than to lose sight of it in any way. 

That’s when I started to realize the little things that made my life so Grand. While people pitying my circumstances, I was finding many blessings within it. I once thought I lost a lifestyle. Then I realized how much that lifestyle had taken away from me. Walks to the bus stop meant that I got the opportunity to witness nature at its purest. I got to hear the sounds of traffic and listen to the world as it spoke to me. That was magical for me. Because I started noticing things that existed that I never paid attention to. The little things. 

It made sense to me why the people that were sitting under a light, well dressed, driving nice cars seemed so unhappy. They see so big that they fail to realize the small. It’s funny how we all want the big dream, but fail to acknowledge the increments of pieces that contribute to building it. It’s a journeyman and I think it’s just really important to enjoy the whole process. Afterall, the tenth step wouldn’t be had it not been for step one. So the celebration starts from day one I believe. 

When we focus on the little things life gives us, it makes life so grand. If for every time we had a complaint about life, we took the time to make a list for why we should be grateful…we’d be alright. We’re always winning whether we realize it or not. 

It’s like looking through a scope of a rifle right, whatever you see through your scope is likely what you’ll be hitting. So what we focus on is in essence what we create. I’m not saying things aren’t hard at times, but once we acknowledge that and get it out the way, isn’t it possible we find things we can be grateful for? I’m just saying. The little things. 

One thing that keeps me in check is knowing that with life, I’m still in the game. We tend to move pass the breath to address and invest energy into something far less important. The little things. Never did I feel so blessed. It wasn’t until I started to accept the many blessings I was being given on a daily basis. If we choose to acknowledge them we can come to realize just how often them present themselves. 

You see the problem is many of us want something specific and unless what’s given is what we want, we place little to no value on it. It’s like a kid that’s crying for a specific toy and having the parent hand the child different toys and the kid not seizing this rant they’re on until the chosen toy is handed. Don’t be that kid. The little things. 

It’s only through the little things we appreciate can we experience that Good ol Feelin this life provides us with. Remember that. 

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