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Sometimes Starting Over is Necessary


starting overStarting over can sometimes be necessary, especially when we find ourselves at a constant roadblock. Ever watched a video with a guinea pig in a maze? You sometimes feel for them when you continuously see them run into the dead-end over and over again. It’s like watching a movie and seeing someone that is about to get attacked and your screaming, “Look out!”

Well, sometimes life tends to be that way. You see, we complicate things so much that we lose sight of a way out. Funny thing is, it can be hard to believe that the path we are seeking may be right in front of us. I believe we live in a world where things are complicated, preventing us to realize that the answer is sometimes right before us. Through all the mental chaos, sometimes starting over is necessary.

A new beginning does many things for us. It allows us to step away from the situation. Let’s be honest, anything done out of panic creates panic. Ever tried looking for a set of keys right before leaving for an appointment? Two things go through your mean. One is that without these keys are unable to leave. The second is that without these keys you may just be late.

With these two things weighing on your mind, you search in panic. You rush, not realizing the calm is what brings it all in. I use to be so stuck in the time that has yet to present itself I would miss out on the moment. Leaving the current moment behind creates a lack of focus. Letting go allowed me another chance at starting over. When I searched with a calm mind, I was able to retract and find what I was searching for with ease.

Starting Over Gives You a Chance to Win

If you’re human like most of us than taking a loss isn’t easy. I mean, when have we ever been taught to lose gracefully? Instead, we’re always taught the importance of winning so when a potential loss presents itself we lose it. One thing we tend to miss is that sometimes the universe sets us up for a “loss” just so we can set ourselves up for a win.

So when life throws us random curveballs, there is never a need to panic. It’s only its way of creating a scenario we need to start over. Believe me, there’s nothing wrong with starting over. It’s sometimes necessary for the mind, body, and soul. Like a computer, when start you to slow down, a reboot is necessary. Remember, when things get a little rough, take a step back. This allows you the space to reflect, meditate, and attack the situation with a clearer mind. Because at the end of the day, a new beginning will always give you the opportunity to win even when all odds point to a loss.


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