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Start to Audit Your Life by Asking the Right Questions

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Living life to the fullest is fun, really fun, I must admit. But there comes a time in a person’s life that he or she has to sit back, think and perform a life audit. Asking questions that would help you assess how well you have fared over a while is crucial to measure self-growth.

Life Audit questions should be questions that measure from one point in a person’s life to another. For example, if you have planned that by the end of the year, you should have finished your MBA to advance your career, the question you should be asking is, “Have I advanced my career by finishing my MBA”. Or better still, “Have I finished my MBA” and as a follow up “Have I advanced my career with it”? We would be highlighting some of the right questions that help you perform a full life audit in this post.

Am I Growing in This Area of My Life? 

It’s essential to ask the right questions, and the most critical question to ask is personal growth. When auditing yourself, you have to know how well you have improved on yourself. What have you done differently to help you live the best version of you? Have you taken new courses? What of that yoga class? Have you enrolled? Question to know what new learning process you have engaged in to evolve into a better person or help push you more towards your goal.

Pick out all the areas of your life that you feel need advancement. Then get to asking how well you have pushed to advance in them. Only then can you truly know how well you have fared? The question of growth should be a thorough one, which should apply to all aspects of your life. Your spiritual life, work-life, academic life, and even your emotional life. Ask the right questions to know how well you have fared.

Am I Engaged in Something Worthwhile? 

life audit

The next question that would help you conduct a full life audit should be the question to ascertain if you are on the right lane. It’s rather unwise to keep kicking against the bricks. Doing what is not for you is not only a waste of time but also painful to go through. Being in your lane guarantees that you would be successful in whatever aspect it is you are considering.

If it’s not for you, then you definitely should not be doing it. Audit your life by asking questions about your current positioning in all aspects of your life. Apply this audit question to all aspects of your life, and if the answer is NO, then it’s time to change lanes.

What Type of People Do I Need in My Life? 

This is a crucial audit question that lets you thin out your relationships. Not necessarily thin them out, but it helps fill your life with the right kind of people you want to relate with. The relationship is a crucial part of our life, and the people we associate with can either make or mar you. You have to scrutinize people you socialize with properly and make sure you roll with those with the right kind of energy. People with enough positive energy to keep you lit and happy.

Try to always surround yourself with people that reflect what you want out of life. For example, Happy people, successful people, positive people, fit people etc. Let the question of the people in your life help you perform a relationship audit.

What Are My Greatest Fears? 

This life audit question I tell you is one that no one likes going close to. We have our fears, and we hate poking at our fears. But you haven’t done a full life audit if you haven’t ventured into the deep dark parts. Ask yourself the dreaded questions about your fears. What are they? Have you surmounted them? How do you intend to deal with the rest? All these are crucial in finding out about your total growth. Delve into those parts and ensure you are making progress in dealing with your fears. It’s one of the most difficult, but you would be happy when you are done with it.

What are My Achievements? 

Inasmuch as an audit is to find out where in your life you aren’t up to parr at, it also in the course of it identifies where you are making progress. There is nothing wrong with auditing your success and even congratulating yourself for them. Success spurs you to go on and achieve more. Sometimes you can even audit the achievements you have already by deciding if they are as much achievement you wanted. Ask away and find out.

Finally, life audit questions aren’t fixed and depend solely on the individual and what you want to audit about your life. Point the questions listed above would guide you in the right direction to perform a cursory audit on all aspects of your life.


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