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Steps to Live a Fearless Life

live a fearless life

Life is happening. There’s no sense in wasting another minute. Live fearless, without any regrets. Because last I checked, you only get one of these living experiences.

I know, I know, the noise is out there. Do this, do that, and a whole lot of other things. Turn left, turn right, or maybe even standstill. This will work. Or maybe, That definitely won’t work. All the while, not even knowing the outcome. Live a fearless life, because every path leads to success for many. The faster you push through, the faster you figure it out.

Pushing through not only solidifies the path you’re taking, but it also builds you. Just because something doesn’t work for you doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with lessons. As a matter of fact, within every experience, a lesson. Live fearless, not to build your ego, but to allow yourself the true experience of life you deserve.

We can go on and on about the values of living life fearlessly, but what good with it do you? How could I ever truly serve you, if I didn’t attempt to guide you in the right direction?

How to Live A Fearless Life

In order to live fearlessly, we must first acknowledge what fear is. Only then can we identify our fears. To live without fear is to live, and to live, is to let go. There are two sorts of fears: one that warns you, and another that limits you. We’ll focus on the ones that limit you. How do you overcome them?

1. Deal with It

We all go through life with some sort of trauma. While some of us overcome them, many of us still carry them along. It may not always be visible, but it’s there. To live fearless doesn’t mean we push things to the side. It means we live fearlesslyconfront the things that limit us. We acknowledge them and give them the attention they deserve. To ignore is to relive it.

2. Let it Go

Ever been to a junkyard? The rule is, you go there, you search, and you take what you need and you leave the rest. This means whatever you don’t end up finding a use for, you let go of. If only life was that simple, right? Well, it really is just that simple. But why do we continue to hold on?

Change. We rather hold on to pain because we don’t know what happiness looks like. We don’t know where it’s coming from. So we hold on to things we know, deep down inside. we should be letting go of. This pertains to all aspects of our lives. We hold on to the bad, fearing that letting go can be worse. Just like any physical load, letting this one go will set you free. Be fair and live fearlessly.

3. Don’t Resist; Accept to Live A Fearless Life

Accept where you’ve been and what you’ve been through. Appreciate the joy and the pain. You’ve come a long way, and yet, your journey still continues. You’ve made it to a place where many have crumbled and lost sight. Life does that to us. It serves us in many ways. We have to be open to receiving it, whatever it is it may be.

No point in complaining about yesterday when today serves us many blessings. Living life fearlessly gives us the opportunity to experience all of the things life is serving us. And what we tend to label as bad is only setting us up for what’s to come.

4. Live by Your Own Governance

Now I know the world is watching, constantly attempting to win you over. But what’s good for society isn’t always good for you. If you’re currently reading this, then you’re blessed. You’ve made it, one more day. That’s a blessing we count on every day. It isn’t promised, but what is, is how you intend on spending the moments you have.

Live a fearless life and explore every chance you get. Leave no rock unturned. And whatever it is you are doing, make sure it isn’t for others to see, but rather, for you to feel.

5. Show Up

live a fearless life

If you don’t do anything, show up. In other words, let go and let in. Showing up in itself allows you to present yourself, your true self. You are not giving yourself a free experience in life, but you’re doing so fearlessly. Your ability to live a fearless life will take you there.

Who cares what the world is saying. After all, the world creating the standards isn’t even alive. It’s only ink on paper, black on white. So show up unapologetically, fearlessly with transparency so that you are able to recognize yourself throughout your journey.

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