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Strategies to Overcome a Fixed Mindset

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Fix your mindset. There’s no use having a fixed mindset because nothing is such. Let me repeat, nothing in life is fixed. We see it every day. Life is constantly happening in its own way. Just like the wind constantly changes direction, such is life.

Too often, we’re given a set of tools to do a job, and we never stop using it. We choose to work harder rather than learn and use a new tool that is more efficient. Times are changing, and I encourage you to adapt. Let me be clear, don’t change who you are, change how you groove.

A DJ never plays the same song all night. That’s because the DJ is constantly adapting to the audience’s demands. And that my friend is what makes a DJ successful. It’s the perfect example of what it’s like to be lucid. It’s the complete opposite of what a fixed mindset brings to the table.

So hard to appeal to different people when you carry a fixed mindset. When you think the world is one thing you’re more likely to only associate with one type of people. And when you live within this realm, you lose a growth mindset that we’re all in need of.

Bruce Lee said it best, “You must be like water.” The more like water you are, the more you are able to adapt to the different strokes life serves you. Leave your fixed mindset at the door, and enter with an open mind.

3 Reasons Why A Fixed Mind Never Wins

  1. Life Means Too Much: What’s life to you? I don’t know about you, but a fixed mindset never allowed me joy, it never allowed me peace. Life is a free flow of experiences we allow ourselves. Therefore, when I think of my life, I think of a gift that means so much to me that I must cherish it.
  2. There’s So Much to Learn: The more I allow the more I expand. I know what it’s like to carry such a fixed mindset because I too once did. But the lessons I was able to learn when I allowed myself to go beyond myself, just so that I could find myself. I was presented with plenty of lessons, and I was blessed to take away so much.
  3. Like Water, We Live: When we look at the world around us, the many gifts we tend to overlook. Because the world is constantly changing a fixed mindset will only hold us back from this earthly experience. The more we flow the more we grow. That’s because the more we become like water, the more open we are to truly experience life. The more open we are to experience life, the more satisfied we are with the many lessons we encounter.

fixed mindsetToo many steps can probably lose you, so I leave you with these quick reasons we should refrain from holding on to such a fixed mindset. We have a great opportunity to celebrate each breath we’re given because every breath is precious. The next one is always better than the last. That’s because that’s the only one that IS.

So free your fixed mindset so that you can make room for a growth mindset instead. Allow your life space to flow remembering that even though the roughest of times you have an abundance of blessings awaiting you.

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