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    Smart Ways to Live a Simple and Peaceful Life

    Wouldn't it be great if from the time that you were born you received a small life guidebook? This book wouldn't be just any old guidebook but one that gave a step by step instructions on how to live the perfect life. A simple and peaceful life without heartbreak or fear or disappointment. One filled with gloriously happy days and a constant fulfillment. Life would be so much easier and way more enjoyable that way but unfortunately that isn't the case...

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  • calmness

    Calmness is to Those Whom Seek Peace of Mind

    Those who look to live in a world of calm seek peace. It's a beautiful pursuit to living. No matter what you do, if it is in the name of peace, there could be no harm. Because when you submit to a peaceful way of living you understand just how important your contributions are to making it possible...

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  • Episode #10 – Remain Positive Despite Chaos

    On your journey to becoming your best version, always remain positive despite the chaos that presents itself. The journey isn't over the moment you find peace. It is only the beginning. To believe that would be like buying a brand new car without ever taking it in for maintenance....

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