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  • sunny side up

    The Sunny Side Up

    I’m not sure how you like your eggs, but I like my life sunny side up. I think that life, within its many events, allows us so many opportunities. Within […] Read more
  • negative thinking

    Tips to Break Your Negative Thinking Pattern

    Research shows that there are around 6,200 thoughts that run through our minds a day. With so much on our minds, it's easy for negative thinking to slip in. With just a little awareness, you have the ability to replace negative though patters with more positive ones...

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  • repel negativity

    How to Stay Positive and Be Optimistic All Day

    Despite what you are looking for, if you stay positive, there's a great chance that you'll invite it. If you're not inviting the things you want to experience, what's the point of living? If you have not found anything you like about your day, you should look for the positive in it. I'm sure it's there...

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  • Episode #44 – Strength of Positivity and Its Impact on Mental Health

    The most prominent strength of positivity is that it has the ability to impact our mental health. You'd be surprised to know how being positive can impact the way we feel internally. What you keep on your mind plays a big role in the direction your life goes in. In other words, your mind not only consumes you, but it subconsciously guides you. Therefore, if you dominate your mind with successful thoughts, the chances of you finding success...

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  • Episode #10 – Remain Positive Despite Chaos

    On your journey to becoming your best version, always remain positive despite the chaos that presents itself. The journey isn't over the moment you find peace. It is only the beginning. To believe that would be like buying a brand new car without ever taking it in for maintenance....

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