Episode #123 - Tested Techniques to Focus on Yourself and Not Others - That Good ol Feelin

Episode #123 – Tested Techniques to Focus on Yourself and Not Others

Focus on Yourself

Focus on yourself. It is only through you can you experience the world fully. Think about it. Look around you for a moment. If you’ve looked around attentively you’d see one thing is true. In a world operated on a surface level, it’s no wonder our priorities are scrambled.

You know it’s true. You worry about who’s doing what, what they’re wearing, and who they associate themselves with. But for some odd reason, you fail to focus on yourself. But, why? I’m mean, out of all the people in the world, you need yourself more than anybody else.

You need your love and your affection, both your time and your protection. You are the center of your universe, the one empowered to write your story. So focus on yourself. With a world population of about 8 billion human beings, only one person is designated to write your story.

There’s no one in the world that’s around you as much as you are. Therefore, it is essential that you show up in ways you may have never been taught. We all need one another, that’s true. But if we fail to show up when we need ourselves the most, what will we have left.

Our story is currently underway, so why miss a moment, taking anything away from this great story. Remember, if you’re not paying attention, how will you know what happens next. The next show or gossip session can wait. What the world is doing is irrelevant if we don’t carve room for ourselves within it.

Be the One You Love, Be the One You Need

To be the one you love is special. And to be the one you need, hat a blessing. It’s truly a blessing to be able to find something worth loving, only to not want to live without it. When you focus on yourself, giving yourself the attention you need, you will find these things are true of you.

Focus on Yourself

The most important connection you can have is with that of yourself. Because once it comes, that good ol feelin hits instantly. I’d tell you about it, but I’d rather you experience it yourself. The world is constantly speaking, but so are you. Have you acknowledged that voice, or are you too consumed by the voices of other people?

If you’re not there yet, that’s fine. Close your eyes for a minute. With one breath at a time, run your hands, crisis cross, slowly, up and down, from your shoulders down to your hands. Do that slowly for a few moments and allow that to be your focus. When you focus on yourself, you’re able to acknowledge your presence.

It’s the feeling you get when someone you just met remembers your name. The more you focus on yourself the closer you become. It’s not meant for you to disconnect yourself from the world altogether. It’s meant for you to present yourself more whole to the world.

That’s because, when you’re full, you have so much more to give. You have so much more to live for. In turn, there is no focus on what the world wants of you. But rather, the focus on yourself is more about how you feel about you.

Focus on Yourself and Your Quality of Living

When it’s all said and done, we are all responsible for the script of our lives. With all the decisions we’ve made thus far, every turn took us to this moment. While some of us are quite happy with where things are, many of us feel deep regret.

That’s because many of us followed, while the happy ones led. Despite what the social agenda was, they remained true. They knew it was better to focus on what made them feel good rather than on others. When you focus on yourself, you’ll realize what makes you happy is far more important than the demands around you.

You’ll find that everything you like is cool. And everything about you that bothers others simply bothers others. Because what others feel about your beauty is none of your business. What you feel about yourself is what matters most. Focus on yourself, for you are the ONE and ONLY person that lights yourself up like no one else can.

Join me for Episode #124 – Perfect Ways to Deal with A Selfish Person. Your focus on yourself has brought you to this point. Once you’ve been made aware, you’ve learned and grown. You’ve grown to have learned just what it takes to deal with those who operate differently. At this point, your dealings with others are made more simple. Let’s see how.

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