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The Importance of Focusing on What You Can Control

what you can controlLife has taught me so many lessons. I didn’t always recognize these lessons due to my focus. But when you focus on what you can control everything changes.

Too many times do we direct our focus on our current circumstances rather than the many things around it. We focus on our financial circumstances rather than the things money can’t buy. When you learn to focus on what you can control life becomes less challenging.

Focusing on what you can control empowers you to move forward. Whereas when you focus on the situation itself you remain stuck. We are all imperfect beings. Therefore, it is only normal that we find certain aspects of life challenging.

The key to taking control of your life is knowing when to move on. We can’t control everything, but there are many things we do control.

Knowing What You CAn’t Control

Our focus is everything. The times we remain stuck the most are the times we fail to acknowledge our inability to control. Therefore the moment we encounter any challenges we live within that challenge. Our inability to accept our inability to control that moment keeps us there.

When we are able to recognize the things we are unable to control we have no commitment to it. We find no reason to live within that moment because we know there is nothing for us to do. The faster you come to that conclusion, the faster you’re redirected towards what you can control.

No use living in a place that adds little to no value.

Redirecting Your Focus to What You Can Control

The best way to move forward is to let go. When you let go of what you cannot control, you’re left with what you can. And what you can control will give you all the power you need to move forward.

Whether we accept it or not, we’re all bound to experience life as it is. Life doesn’t always happen as we plan it to be. But life still happens in such a way for us to live through it. What will happen will happen. There’s nothing you can do about what happens. But what you do after is what makes all the difference.

what you can control

When you do focus on what you can control, the more likely you experience greater results. Instead of helplessly focusing on the many things you are unable to control, look for what you can. Because the things you are able to control will allow you to experience the outcome you desire.

The idea is to focus on the things you need, rather than the things you’re not receiving. When you focus on the outcome you desire, you have no room to give the unwanted outcome energy. Energy flows where focus goes. So if it is a great outcome you seek, it’s from a positive outcome you must speak.

Life is a giver of all things but as mini creators, we too, have the power to give what it is we seek to receive. May your focus be directed towards the answer rather than the questions you seek.

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