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The Secrets to Self-Motivation for Success


Success is not an arbitrary event it comes from self-motivation. Truly, chance has a role to play in success, but it is not the crux of success. As the old adage says, success happens when preparation meets opportunity. This tells us that one needs to put some things in place to achieve success. Oftentimes, preparation is defined as hard work. Or efforts that can be seen or easily recognized.

But what about the effort that is not visible?

Self-motivation is one of such things to put in place for success. Unlike other forms of motivation that may come from one’s external environment. Self-motivation comes from the inner man. This implies that one needs to always be filled with positive thoughts. Success thoughts to enable you to motivate yourself. Because one cannot give what he doesn’t have, it is difficult to motivate oneself when all one has is negative thoughts.

There are secrets to self-motivation and one of them is that self-motivation can be practiced. Thus, no one is naturally born a motivational speaker. One can practice self-motivation skills to win his mind with positive, successful thoughts every day. Below are some skills to practice to be self-motivated for success.

Confess Positive Words Aloud

Compare a child who, before or on his birthday. The child makes a secret wish to another who voices his wishes for his birthday. Chances are higher than the child who makes an open wish will receive what he desires. As opposed to the other who does not.

The hope of receiving a gift, for instance, would keep the child that asked openly excited about the birthday than the other child who just secretly wishes for something to happen. Likewise, when you confess positive words aloud, you make known to people your expectations from yourself. Or others keep you motivated to either work towards your confessions or hope that others will.

Stay Close To Motivated People


How can you identify people that are self-motivated? It is not by the eloquence of their speeches but by how they make you feel when you are with them or read about them. Self-motivated people are inspirational. They make you feel the need to be motivated, if you aren’t, or remain motivated if you aren’t. When your company with some persons excites you to become a success, staying close to them keeps your mind in the frame of pursuing success as a goal.

Hold Diary Sessions Of Your Mood

Have you ever been very happy and excited but all of a sudden you lose the whole fun steam and go all quiet? It is called a mood swing. While it happens arbitrarily, the factors responsible for such behavioral change are known if the person takes time to search for his feelings. Holding diary sessions with oneself helps one to identify what triggers positive thoughts and negative thoughts in one’s mind. This self-awareness is sufficient to hold one back from engaging in things that could deprive one of being self-motivated.

Relive Your Mind With Old Memories Of Success

Success is a continuum—there is never one success that calls hard work to an end. So, there are many wins in life. A reminder of one’s wins and values is a self-motivation technique to relieve one from negative thoughts which berates one of his abilities.

If one is going through a challenge and he reminds himself of similar challenges encountered in the past that was successfully dealt with, he would gain some self-motivation to face the present challenge head-on. Reliving one’s mind with old memories of success is a self-motivation skill that reminds us that we are adequate enough to achieve the success we want, come what may.


Be Assertive

Staying self-motivated is a decision that you take for yourself and by yourself. Likewise, other preparations need to be put in to achieve success. If there is an allowance of many elements, for instance, people, in your choices for attaining your success goals, chances are high that your inner strength will waver. Self-motivation stems from the inside. And if you are not capable of making critical decisions by yourself, you will lose your self-motivation and seek external validation instead. Be assertive by taking charge of your life and be responsible for the decisions that you make.

Truth be told any motivation to make you successful comes from within. You have to make sure you want it and then go for it.

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