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The Sunny Side Up

sunny side up

I’m not sure how you like your eggs, but I like my life sunny side up. I think that life, within its many events, allows us so many opportunities. Within every experience, bad or good, there lies a gem. I know it’s hard at times, but it’s there.

Throughout my existence on this planet, I’ve seen, heard, and felt so much. One thing I can say is that it continues to be a journey, a process that never ends. That’s why when I say I keep the sunny side up, I’m saying that’s where my focus lies. Because I choose to feed my mind what it is I want it to produce.

I wasn’t always the happiest. I waved with every event and with every event, I followed. The fact is, I was a slave of my own circumstances. That means my moods were dictated by unknowns. In other words, I had no real control over how I would show up from one day to the next.

What a shame it was of me to give more value to the passing rather than to life itself? Oh, how the absence of gratitude that inflicts. The more I live the more I come to accept how temporary life is. Nothing truly is because everything is passing. Therefore, sinking myself within the passing only prevents me from moving forward.

Sunny Side Up from Down

We all go through life like the next. At some point in our lives, we’ll experience the unthinkable. After all, you don’t plan for bad times, you just hope they never come. But the reality is, they do. Not only do they do this, but they do it at the most inconvenient times. When I think of the sunny side up I’m reminded of another option.

It makes you think of the many keys we possess to opening as many doors as we see fit. I learned through the height of my pain, the depth of my faith. That whatever life serves me, it actually serves me. And though the serving doesn’t always show its fruits, the sunny side up allows it to reveal itself.

Sure getting into a car accident is unfortunate. The cops, the reports, the insurance, and God forbid injuries. But too many times do we focus on the lost instead of the gain itself, LIFE. Sure you’ve lost the convenience of getting around on your time. But I’m thinking sunny side up, I’m in deep gratitude for the life that had been spared. A life that may in turn allow me to purchase another car.

At the End There’s the Beginning

sunny side up

The cycle of life is ongoing. It’s only to the human eye that things end. We experience, we learn, we live, and in turn, we grow. But nothing ends. Every experience in life gives us all an opportunity to reset, an opportunity to think anew. The sunny side of up things always guides me to embrace the many gifts that lie alongside the circumstances life presents me with.

Not all lessons are easy. In fact, some of them can be quite painful. Some of them can actually have you start doubting your own beliefs. But isn’t that growth? Isn’t that the process in which some of us must go through to evolve? We are all going through life. It’s all about how we go through it. Will you have your sunny side up, or will you…..I doubt you would.

We’re here for a fun time, not a long time, so make it fun. Make it worth it. Life happens, I get it. But with great determination, I vow to feel, deal, and go where each breath takes me. Because with each breath I am reminded that it is through my hardest moments, I’ve been rewarded the most.

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