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The Truth Could Never Hurt A Soul

They say the truth sets you free, but without it, many words are left unspoken. As pure as it comes, many find it hard to live within the realms of honesty. Better yet, many don’t even know how to or where to begin. But the reality of it all is, it sets you free.

the truth

Whether it be for the sake of our image, or for our own protection, many of us stray from the truth and hide behind our own illusion. But why would we do such a thing? Many find it far easier to be rejected for someone they’re not than for who they really are. Therefore, in order to protect themselves, they present an illusion that will prevent them from experiencing what they fear most.

Why do we hide from the truth when it’s far freer to be who we really are? What is it about who we are that makes us feel uncomfortable? As hard as we may find it to answer this question, the great thing is the answer lies inside of us.

In so many aspects of our lives do we make a conscious decision to live away from our truth. I know from a male’s perspective, we present the ego in order to protect ourselves from being hurt. Therefore we hide the truth behind our fears. I mean, society told us that men don’t cry. Because of that, we show no emotion. Not because we can’t, but only because we believe this natural human emotion makes us weak.

What I believe is that the further we are from the truth, our truth, the weaker we become. Our truth is what strengthens us. Our honesty to live is what sets us free.

What Are We Without the Truth

Who are you? Are you who you pretend to be or are you who you know you are, the person that presents itself when no one is watching? That’s the truth in a nutshell. Our ability to own up to the person that lives when no one is watching is what makes us all real.


The only way to feel the life you live is simply by allowing yourself to live the truth that is embedded within you. Because when you do, the world sees something different. The world is able to experience something unique. Doesn’t it mean much to you that the world and the ones you love know who you really are?

The truth isn’t a statement. It’s a way of life. It’s a form of reality that cannot be duplicated. No greater love can be had unless honesty has occupied a place within your soul, your very existence. So don’t hide. Because when you do, beauty is lost and all we have left to accept is the falsity that you have allowed to inhabit your soul.

You’re beautiful not because you look a certain way. But rather, you’re beautiful because the truth that lives inside of you continues to radiate so that the world and everyone in it, may experience an option of life. My truth has not only allowed me to learn more about myself, but it has allowed me to share it with others. So when they are in my presence, they too may find the many blessings I’ve been gifted with. And to me, there’s no better way of living, than just that.

Love with A Heart of Honesty

the truth of love

If you chose to love, love with the truth you possess in your heart. There is no great love as such. Opening your heart to someone doesn’t open the door to pain. It opens doors to endless opportunities. It increases your chances of experiencing a level of love you couldn’t otherwise. There is no greater love than that derived from the truth itself. In the end, your focus is not on what you gave away, but rather, what you were able to share with someone else.

What good is connecting with someone when you don’t allow yourself to truly feel them through. Speak your truth and let them know how you feel at all times. That is how you maintain a connection, a true one. Life can’t be better if you’re doing it alone.

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