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Thoughts 14: Don’t Just Live Life Feel It

If you choose to live life truly, be open to that idea. In other words, in order to truly experience life you have to be willing to commit to it. It’s important to connect fully so that every experience, every event is properly captured.

The reason we connect to anything this life gives us is because it makes us feel a certain way. Life is an opportunity, a gift that we shouldn’t take for granted. Therefore, you’re ability to appreciate or find value as you live life shouldn’t be based on what life serves you. It should be based on life itself. Because it’s this appreciation for existence that will enable you a different view of this world.

During my journey on this planet, it wasn’t until I found this appreciation was I able to truly feel life. To give you a visual, I’d compare it to a sunny day in Miami, Florida under a well-shaded palm with a nice breeze. If you’ve experienced life on a hot day in Miami, you know exactly what that breeze live liferepresents. Life. That’s the feeling this appreciation provides. The permission to connect freely and enjoy freely everything this life has to offer.

Live life as a bowl of assorted fruit, you may not like everything in it, but I’m sure there’s something just for you. Where does your focus live? Is it fair? Does it serve you? Or does it tend to create problems? This life doesn’t create problems, we do. As I like to say, it’s never a problem until you say it is. Think about a movie, for example, what makes it interesting is adversity. There’s something about someone facing an obstacle and overcoming it. The feeling we experience is one that definitely builds and creates a level of faith.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity to Live Life

Things happen. That’s life. But the reality is all sorts of things happen that, good and bad. It’s all based on how we choose to define it. But this opportunity to live life that we have should not be taken for granted. Our lives will never be the way we want it to be if we don’t create it. , but we know exactly how we want something once we see it. Therefore, if you never create it, how will it ever be?

Like a ‘limited time sale’, it’s important that you live life knowing that it will eventually expire. So it’s important that you collect as many memories as possible and put dent on this earth. A dent big enough for everyone knows you here. The cheapest finds in any clearance rack come to those that patiently search. With the endless amounts of opportunities that await us, may they be represented in the way we choose to live life.

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