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Thoughts 01: The Definition that You Choose Will Guide You

Many of us can’t begin to imagine the amount of powers we truly possess (It will guide you), or how capable and unstoppable we are to the forces that random events of life present. On my journey of lifeguide youI came to realize how much of my reality was surrounded around my inner struggles and battles…thoughts and ideas that I had created for myself. These random events have no preference, so they’re coming whether you’re prepared for them or not. That’s never the issue. The question is, what will you decide to do when it comes? How will you define that moment? Just know that the definition you choose will guide you. 

What You Choose Will GUide You

The way we respond to any event is a result of how we define it. If we remain calm, and seek a way, we will eventually find it. But if we panic, in turn acknowledging defeat, we will drown ourselves even deeper. The question that I developed was, “Do I empower the event or do I empower the idea of me being able to overcome it?” For this reason, it is important that we really take the time to appreciate and acknowledge our greatness constantly so that when ‘adversity’ knocks, we answer, only to remind ourselves that this is in no way greater than what we can handle.

I truly believe that a problem doesn’t even really exist until we say it so. As soon as I started to redefine the different adventures in my life, it shifted the way I responded to them. Rather to rebuke it, I embraced it. Rather than let it slow me down, I allowed it to amp myself up. See, no one or any circumstance breaks you unless you give them permission/access to. It all starts with the definition you choose. Reword your dictionary so proper that when anything comes unexpected, you’re able to say, “I GOT THIS!” 


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