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Thoughts 02: How to Discover Yourself Through Your Voice

discover yourselfWhy do you seek to discover yourself, but fail to listen? There’s a voice inside of every one of us. This voice speaks and attempts to guide us so that it fills the empty void we all need filled. The amazing thing is this voice knows exactly what we need because it lives within of us.

Ever made a commitment to yourself that you didn’t make good on? If that commitment meant a lot to you, you’d be disappointed. That feeling of disappointment is generated towards ignoring that inner voice, knowing it did everything it could to help you. Although we may not realize it, our inner voice is constantly trying to work with us to create the path necessary to meet our dreams. This voice doesn’t just help discover yourself, it helps create the person you need to become to live your dream. Your moment presents itself when you are in sync with the guidance it provides you with. Many look outside of themselves because they underestimate the inner commitment we have with ourselves.

We all possess that inner commitment to make good on our inner desires. Regardless of where we are in our lives, we all want to be happy and we all want to feel fulfilled. Whatever our accomplishments, our true satisfaction is based on how it fills us.

Allow YOu to Discover Yourself

If you’re not feeling the journey, how can you truly discover yourself? Part of discovering yourself is allowing yourself to naturally unravel. This not only helps understand where you are but also where you’re going. In essence, the true map is inside of us. We own it.

When people say, “I’m trying to find myself,” I ask, “What for?” It makes me picture a driver saying he’s lost while driving around the block in circles. The truth is, there is really nothing more to find than what is already there. And what we don’t have we can create. That’s the power we possess.

Through this journey called life, we all reach a crossroad. We all reach that fork in the road with a major decision to make. Whichever path we choose has the ability to heavily alter our lives forever. To many, a moment of pressure, but to those that listen to their inner voice, gains. May you be guided more by your truth and less by fear.


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