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Thoughts 03: What Makes You Different Makes You Special

different makes you specialOur commonalities are how we relate to one another, but what makes you different makes you special. We all tend to gravitate to those that like and do the things we do. Therefore, subconsciously creating a network of people that keep us in an element we’re familiar with. Society does the same with its many trends.

You might just want to stock up on the latest gear or you’ll miss out on the cool list. From the commercials that we watch to the pictures we flip through, it shows. Not too many different options out there. It shows that it’s easier to sell millions of people two items than it is to sell millions of items to two people. I could imagine how harder it would be for you to feel how different makes you special.

Although it may seem like the world isn’t speaking to you. That’s ok. It only means that there presents an opportunity for you to show it. Even the people that talk need to listen sometimes right? The world is an evolving cycle of what we feed it. Therefore, feeding the world with your uniqueness will open the door for more.

You’re Being Different Makes You Special

Just in case you haven’t been told, your being different makes you special. Therefore, I couldn’t imagine living in a world with many guys that looked and acted just like me. Over the years, the more I found beauty in myself and my differences, the more I found beauty in others. The more I found beauty in others the more gifts I was able to experience.

I figure that I don’t have to agree with your lifestyle for me to find value in you. We are all beautiful in our own. That’s what makes us unique. It makes us all special. We are sculpted in a world that finds beauty in commonality. I believe that there lies just as much beauty in our differences. And just in case the world has managed to fail you, know that your walk, your talk, your look, your style, though different makes you special.


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