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Thoughts 04: Keep Going No Matter What

No matter how tough your journey gets, keep going no matter what. It’s worth it. You don’t want to do is stop the wheels from turning. Keep going and you’ll always be making progress.

Video games keep kids engaged. For those that didn’t know the secret, the key is presenting a challenge. Therefore, in order to keep a mind stimulated, one must see a challenged accompanied by a reward. Off a reward and we’re more motivated. “Such is life,” as my guy Alvin would say. Keep Going No Matter What

In my book That Good ol Feelin – Creating the Love You DesireI share a story of my brothers and I. Those were the Blockbuster Video days for those that are old enough to remember. Within minutes of playing a video game we had rented, we wanted an immediate exchange. Even at such a young age, we yearned for a challenge. In other words, if we were to put our energy on a video game, we at least wanted something that would stretch us. That’s what made the win enjoyable.

No matter what life throughs my way, I always go back to those days. I always asked myself, what would the young me do? Should I complain as we “adults” tend to do, or should I embrace the adventure envisioning the reward ahead? Should define it as a problem, or should I embrace the opportunity I’m provided with to stretch myself?

No matter What Keep Going

My definition of the moment will always dictate how I feel. I must keep going no matter what. If I do, I’m more likely to see what I’m working for. In an interview on BigBoyTV, Nipsey Hussle had something to say about his success. “…I’m not going to lie and portray this ultimate poise like I been had it figured out. Naw, I just didn’t quit. That’s the only distinguishing quality. I went through every emotion with trying to pursue what I am doing.”

A testament to what results await when we keep going. As long as there is breath in our lungs and ground beneath our feet, we should keep going. Nipsey referred to the marathon as an ongoing journey. Therefore, as long as we remain on course and stick to the script, we too can experience a victory.


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