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Thoughts 05: No Need to Create What You Can Accept

Born into a world with so much greatness, you don’t always need to create what you can accept. In No Need to Create What You Can Acceptorder to grow, we must recreate ourselves, yes. But, sometimes for us to grow, we have but to use our God-given abilities.

Living in a world filled with alterations and easy fixes, it can be easy to look outward. Just when that thought slips in, remind yourself to first check-in. Try to give yourself a chance before thinking something or someone else can. If you look inside of you, I’m sure you’ll find something you can accept.

There’s no mistake to why we were all created differently. The known fact that no two people have the exact same fingerprint is one hard fact that supports that statement. We’re all beautiful and unique in our won way. Everything we became is tailored to our existence. We spend so much time trying to pair the similars that we lose sight of the beauty of our differences.

The more we start the recognize the beauty in the things that make us different, the more blessings we’ll find. The more we accept and embrace people that don’t think or look like us, the freer we’ll feel. Because it is only by allowing others do we truly give ourselves permission to be. It was always easy for me to classify others and label them based on my beliefs.

You Can Accept Who you Are

The moment I set people free from my judgment, the more free I became. I was free from ideas that I would no longer have to carry. And with that release came one less internal conflict that I would have to deal with. Because to accept is to let go, and letting go meant giving myself permission to be free.

The more I allow others to be, the more I’m able to live. My focus has never been so directed toward me as now. The more you let people be, the more attention you can give yourself. And the more attention you give yourself, the more you can accept who you are becoming.

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