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Thoughts 06: The Secret to Living is Giving

If you haven’t figured out what the secret to living is, it’s giving. We’ve lived our lives learning society’s version. “Go to school, get a great job, and raise family,” they say. Therefore, preparing us for financial stability to support that picture.

I remember the journey of putting myself through college. I gave up things for the moment to attain something greater later. From comfortable to uncomfortable real quick. I knew I had to readjust my mindset to make it through this journey.

This journey was special because although I started it with nothing, I would realize how rich I was. the secret to living is givingAlthough I was in pursuit of a goal that would provide financial stability, I came to find so much more. I was looking for financial freedom but got freed from it.

In order to endure this tough journey, I had to find life through giving. Yes, I discovered the secret to living is giving. It wasn’t until I removed myself from the equation that I realized how much I really had. I had way more than I could ever imagine.

Just by changing my focus and making myself of service to others, I was able to discover what life really was. The “struggle” wasn’t as bad as it once felt. In fact, it felt like my burden had dissipated. I no longer had anything to worry about because I had been emersed in those in need around me. I had been so lost in the needs of others, I had no big enough problems to create.

Living is Giving

In fact, a problem isn’t a problem until we say it is.  Only we can give it permission to live. In realizing the secret to living is giving, my life was never the same. I was free! Never did I have to dwell on what I believed was tough because nothing I was going through could surpass the people I was able to serve.

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