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Thoughts 07: Life is On Your Side

Life is always on your side whether you acknowledge it or not. Each scene is shot for you to take advantage of. The problem is never in the event that takes place. The “problem” lies beneath the lens you choose to wear while defining that event.

Life is truly what you make it. There’s no secret about it. In other words, despite the curve balls life serves you, the outcome is solely based on how you define it. Your definition can either be sour or sweet. I guess it’s all based on your taste.

life is on your sideEver ask yourself why you react the way you do when things happen? Why do you react differently from one thing to the next? How are you affected by things around you? Why do they make you feel the way you do? Any of these questions ever cross your mind?

In order to continue my journey of life, I had to separate the important from the unimportant. I had to question the reason for my beliefs and what it meant to my living. Then I had to acknowledge how my decision for living with such beliefs affected me from obtaining the life I wanted. This allowed me to completely revamp the way I approached life.

In order to get the most of life, I knew I had to take advantage of every moment. And in order to take advantage of every moment, I would have to accept that life was on my side. Therefore I’d have to lighten the load that I’d been carrying. The load I would later define as deception. During that time, I realized how much I’d been fighting with life and not allowing it to be. All of this was due to the way I believed was “suppose” to be.

Welcome Life On Your Side

I had an idea and I stuck to it. At that time, I would only connect with the things that aligned with that idea. In other words, I had created a limited world where my idea could comfortably live. It was comfortable because it left me no reason to grow. Along with this lack of growth, came a self-built prison that would prevent my mind from expanding. It would blind me from seeing so much of the things I would later be introduced to.

It wasn’t until I accepted life instead of pinning it against me was I able to experience a new world. I was able to trade in the victim mentality for a limitless mindset. Because of this, I was not only able to accept everyone around me, I was able to accept myself.

Life is on your side. Please don’t take that lightly. The only troubles we experience are all derived from the perspectives or our refusal to accept life for what it is. I learn every day about the different adventures life continues to throw. I embrace these adventures because my new perspective has allowed me to feel alive.

No matter what comes my way, I’m always reminded of the life I possess. No matter the circumstance, I believe it’s important we start off with gratitude. Because with gratitude, a gain is always had before a thought of loss could take place.

Remember, when you start to embrace life being on your side, a multitude of opportunities present themselves. You never lose. Life is constantly changing, but if you’re willing to surf it through, you’ll find that it ends up being whatever you want it to be.

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