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Thoughts 08: Give Yourself Permission to Shine

No matter your circumstances, it’s imperative that you give yourself permission to shine. You hear them say that “life is short” because there is no way to predict tomorrow. This means that no matter how exciting our plans are,  the moment and how we live it is vital.

In a world of photocopies, it’s beautiful to see those that separate themselves from the pack. Many of us don’t realize just how important our shine is to the world. If no one ever told you, it’s necessary.

When hard times present itself, it’s easy to hang our heads low. It’s easy to accept defeat because very little effort is required to do so. But, before you accept such a route, take a moment to think about all those you’ll affect in the process.

permission to shineI truly believe that the world is constantly watching us. Believe it or not, the world is constantly looking for answers. Whether it be through you or through something, they’re searching. There’s a lot of questions to be asked and so many answers to be found.

Answers present themselves in many different forms. When you give yourself permission to shine, you not only become the answer, you become the source. That is why, regardless of what you may be going through, you have the ability to be the solution to someone’s life. That means even through your personal struggles, you hold the power to lighten loads of others.

Permission to Keep the Shine Alive

We are all going through life in our own ways, and we are all figuring it out as we go. Giving yourself permission to shine helps you bring out the best in you and allows you to be a light to others. Nothing is forever. Therefore, no matter our circumstances, there is always an opportunity to be a blessing to those around us.

When I say shine on, it’s not to show everyone what you’re made of. That’s a given. When you shine, you unknowingly contribute to many lives, most of which you’ll never get to see. That’s why it’s important to sustain that feeling. Once you’ve given yourself that permission to shine, don’t stop. Whether you see it or not each smile, every bit of energy and every bit of shine is changing lives as you continue to live your normal life. You don’t see them, but I guarantee they see you.

No light is too dark and no darkness can hide from the light. Therefore when you step into your shine, you automatically draw a crowd. Because your shine represents way more than you could ever imagine. It not only provides those in need with hope, but it gives them a chance to experience their shine through you. It gives them a clear vision of what their shine could be. So if every a bad day presents itself, turn it around because little d you know, many depend on you to shine too.

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