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Thoughts 09: Make Your Dream A Reality

Your dream is yours to live so you owe it to yourself to make your dream a reality. No one is responsible for your vision but you. In other words, regardless of what it looks like, only you can see it clearly enough to make it a true.

I’ve been a dreamer my whole life and have enjoyed doing so. The advantage of my dreaming has allowed me to create things others cannot see. It has enabled me to envision and create a clear path to the reality I desire. “Impossible,” they’ll tell you, but the only thing impossible is their inability to visualize what you see.

To make your dream a reality, you’ll have to step outside of everyone’s opinions by staying on course. I believe the vision creates itself if you can truly see it. And what you see, no one has the ability to take from you. What you see is all that should ever matter because only in your mind does it remain true.

If there’s one thing I can guarantee, it would be the noise that will attempt to silence you. From a very young age, many would tell me who or what I needed to be like. They would later predict the course make your dream a realityof my life with things that didn’t align with my vision. Little did they know, I had a dream of my own. And although their opinions remained, I remained focused knowing how important it was for me to make my dream a reality.

No matter what was said about me, I believe the rebel in me along with the vision I had created wouldn’t allow it to manifest itself. In fact, the more I heard, the more I was determined to realize my dream for my dream was always real to me. The more pushback I got, the more I knew it was necessary to show otherwise. I did it, not to show anyone, but to actually live my reality so that theirs would die.

The Reality of Your Dream Should Live

It’s easy to fall into the trap of internalizing the thoughts and opinions of others. At times it may seem logical, but a dream isn’t logical because it’s free. The freer we allow ourselves to be, the more room we allow for our imaginations to create. Everything that was ever created once started with a dream, a thought, a vision.

We all dream, but not all of us make room for our dreams to become our reality. As a result of fear, logic, or doubt, we sometimes give it the power to place our dreams in the back seat. Don’t allow that. Too many in the graveyard clutch their dreams within them. Because of this, one less invention was created and one less idea was made true.

Live your dream by never allowing it to die. Feed it daily so that it continues to grow. You owe it to yourself. More importantly, you owe it to the world.


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