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Thoughts 12: Set the Standard So that They Follow

It is your responsibility to set the standard you want the world to follow. You are the prime of your real estate so setting the bar and how high remains your responsibility. Although respect set the standardand kindness is everyone’s responsibility to the world, it isn’t always something we all practice. Therefore, before you can create a standard, you have to be committed to living by it.

See life isn’t as hard to those that seek it and creating life doesn’t come to those that don’t become what they’re creating. Society is attempting to take ownership of everything we do. From the things we like to the things we believe we can’t live without. It works out for them because most of us fall into the trap of believing their narrative as ours.

After all, they figure if we believe everything they say, they’ll convince us that they have the solution. Here’s the catch, we have to pay for it. In other words, the more you allow someone to take away from you, the more you’ll rely on a solution outside of yourself. Set the standard before they do.

Many times we find ourselves feeling helpless as if there is no way. But the truth is, those feelings only hold true to the ones that surrender their inner strengths in exchange for false narratives. What we believe and live by becomes our truth, our reality. We own the writes to our own living script so why not use our authority to evaluate and create something worth living? Set the standard because the standard that truly matters is the one you create, the one you choose to validate.

Set a Standard for Everyone to Live By

I tend to be peculiar about the things that I own because I want them to last as long as possible. Not only that, but I tend to want things to stay new for as long as possible too. Well, after lending someone one of my belongings, I quickly found out that many didn’t really operate the same.

I found out that there were two types of people. There were the types that treated your belongings the way you treated them and the others that treated them the way they treated theirs. If you’re accustomed to washing your car every week, the person that would treat the car the way you did would possibly return the car washed. Therefore, take good care of yourself by setting a standard that will guide others in doing the same. Displaying self-confidence elevates the approach towards you from those that lack self-confidence. In other words, though they fail to set their standards, the display of you set forces them to acknowledge yours.

Sometimes all the world needs is a map of guidance. It’s almost like raising a child, but this mission is greater. This mission is of greater value because it retrains others from their ways to the way that you present yourself. Your standard should set a bar as which many must stay above in order to remain in your presence. If you present yourself with a love-led heart, those that come before you will be forced to elevate themselves to match your energy. So give yourself the utmost and allow your standards to be manifested through you.

Displaying Confidence Build Confidence

The sad reality is many of us are in deep pain and many of us are in great need of healing. We’ve all experienced and defined life differently. And we are all molded by these two factors. Sometimes all it takes is a shift, a change, a new way of being in order to realize a different truth. Therefore your standard not only serves you, but it also serves the person guided by it.

When you share the highest form of who you are, you simultaneously build or challenge the levels of others around you. Because like a shining light, it showcases itself for many to clearly see it. It either motivates the haters to hate or creates a path for the ones that look to be found to be seen. We don’t always see it, but when you set the standard, you create a high leveled template for many to use a guide in their own lives. In essence, when you fly you make it possible for others to fly too.

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