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Thoughts 13: Have Confidence in Who You Are

Why not have confidence in the person that has taken you this far? This life is a journey and every step of the way presents an opportunity to learn something new. And with that, an opportunity to grow.

Yes, we are constantly being told, but it’s now we tell the story only we truly have the ability to tell. It’s time we speak on our behalfs. Opinions? Well, those who think well wish well and we cannot expect others to see what we see. Believe in yourself, knowing that there is only one you and that in itself sets you apart. In other words, you’re a star.

I know the traditional star is high fashioned, highly noticeable, and pretty famous, but the star I speak of is one who takes ownership. Have confidence in your production and the process it continues to endure. Therefore, continue have confidencefeeding your soul with the food it needs to proclaim itself.

You probably have never been seen on television and there’s probably a high chance nobody knows who you are. But that’s fine because what makes you shine isn’t about how many people know you. What illuminates you is your ability to take ownership of your existence. You have confidence that will allow you to walk into a room calmly but gaining the attention as if you asked for it.

KNow YOur Worth So They Can See Your Light

Give others the opportunity of truly knowing who you really are by showing up. When someone wonders who you are so that you may say, “That’s mine” with the ownership it deserves. When you speak in faith, you introduce faith. Every room you step in, you should shine through. You’re noticed, so when you have confidence, others begin to confide in you.

The belief you get is based on the confidence you have in your shine. Do you stand strong or do you fade away from your greatness? The opportunity is you, the ownership you take in your light. No need to keep secret something was made to put to light. Have confidence in what you were given for your gift cannot be duplicated. The world needs it more than you could ever imagine.

4 Replies to “Thoughts 13: Have Confidence in Who You Are”

  1. Sassy Sage

    I love this episode Giovanni. It falls in line with what I intended for myself in 2020, which is to let my light illuminate. Thank you and keep those good vibes coming!

    • Giovanni Azaël

      @Sassy, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to listen in. Just remember that your light is not only helps brighten your path, it also brightens anyone’s path that intersects with yours. It’s necessary! Be sure to look out for the next episode. To more growth, success, and living in 2020 on forward. 🥂

  2. Omari

    It’s crazy how we let our light get dim by letting the darkness and negativity seep through instead of putting up the blinds. This exact thing affected my confidence on a day to day basis and soon started to take shape in my light. What I once knew to be a bright light now became complacent with a night light. This episode speaks mountains to me for the things to remember when you look at yourself in the mirror: value yourself…let your light shine. But also to pay attention around you, because although a light burns bright someone is always trying to put it out. And the responsibility is on you to protect it

    • Giovanni Azaël

      I happy to know that your awareness has allowed you to reshape you life in the right direction. The most beautiful thing about life is, although there will always be opposition, the power we possess is immense. We have only to tap into ourselves in order put our brightness on display. You own both the light and the switch associated to it. You are in control. You are the creator of your destiny. Keep on knowing that, with the right intent, things only get better. That’s all apart of growth.

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