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Thoughts 16: Live Today Before Tomorrow Comes

live todayAlways focus on living today before tomorrow comes. The most important moment of your life is the current one for what’s tomorrow without today? At the end of the day, the moment within a day that stands before us is the only one we have. Anything after that is a blessing away.

Embrace the moment and its many mini-miracles. Yes, the big picture may not be clear, but the many pieces that make it possible deserves to be acknowledged. Every single one of them has contributed to the entirety of the overall picture we yearn for. In other words, one could not exist without the other. The best way to stay in the moment is by giving it your full attention, staying present. So give yourself permission to live today. You may not get it now, but you will one day thank yourself for you gave yourself the option to embrace the moment.

No need to wait for Monday. Neither is it necessary to plan for the new year. If you start now, you won’t have to wait for tomorrow. I never realized how powerful my living was until I realized just how man people relied on it for them to survive. Embrace this moment knowing that it could never be duplicated. You only get one of those that you can never get back.

I was so ungrateful to have ever thought that life was not worth living. My focus so deep into the problem that I couldn’t see the many solutions that lied before me. The hardest part was falling victim to my victimizing myself. To become a victim of your circumstances is to relinquish your gift and freedom to overcome all things you aspire.

Live Today Live Tomorrow

Bottom line is, tomorrow is insignificant without today, the last step means nothing without the first one, and this victory has no win without the pain. Just like any real race, in this life’s race, every inch counts. Don’t ever stop.  There was this race of 32-year-old Ed Moses I saw online the other day and it has to be the closest race I’ve ever seen.

Every stride coordinated with every breath was necessary. Because, in the end, every ounce of that moment needed to be exploited fully. A slight push by either participant and the race could’ve been drastically altered. In this thing called life, the primary thing to remember is the current breaths we have. In other words, Understanding the importance our existence has and for us to embrace the moment along the way.

To live today means to exploit everything today has to offer. Every stage in our life is handing us a gift we have to be willing to accept. Remember, the moment builds, creating something so great at the end. So no matter our circumstances we must embrace the moment even more because it’s all temporary. The most beautiful part of the journey is not the end, it’s the adventure that separated the beginning from the end. The point that bridges the gap between the bottom to the top.

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