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Thoughts 17: Be Grateful for Monday

be thankfulI know how Sundays feel, knowing that Monday’s around the corner, but be grateful. Every minute that ticks closer to the other side becomes dreadful. It’s a fight between enjoying the current moment and resenting the one to come. It’s…Monday, the first day of the week.

The issue that comes along with those that remain dreadful of Mondays is the lost they experience on Sunday. That’s right, when we fail to be grateful for what the moment presents us, life presents us with another perspective. When you choose to be thankful, your thoughts start to fade away from the problem and right to the solution. With such a mindset, you invest a minimum of 30% of your energy preparing for doomsday.

It’s pretty common to see everyone, first thing on Monday, with the ‘I don’t want to be here’ look. The first day we wish for is four (4) days away, Friday. The funny thing is, we look forward to Friday, yearning for it to come, but invest no time in preparing for it. Be grateful for Monday because it has the ability to shift your week. It’s all based on how you use it.

Be thankful for each day that you’re given because inside each day lies an opportunity. Too many times do we look to pass up a day that was on our side all along. Everything we do has the ability to create a day we envision. Therefore, be thankful for the powers you’ve been blessed with.

The World Showers YOu When YOu’re Grateful

Like the selfish, self-centered human beings that we are, it’s always easy for us to overlook blessings. Believing that everything is going wrong is living proof. Sometimes, out of our admiration for the stars we neglect to acknowledge the trees that blow the winds that make us feel good.

When I say be thankful, I’m saying it’s time you start acknowledging and honoring all the bits and pieces of your life. Life isn’t a moment, it’s many moments. It definitely isn’t a year, it’s three hundred and sixty-five days. The ability to break things down allows us to see the many blessings we never thought existed. In other words, the more we find to be grateful for, the more we will find gifts that uncover themselves.

We must get out of the habit of overlooking our many blessings. I mean, how would you feel if you gave someone a car and they complained about how ugly the rims were? Be thankful. Be grateful for every single breathe this life gives you. You’ll need to constantly shift your focus so that you retrain your mind to broaden its ways.

So when Monday comes, be grateful. Be grateful that you have gained the opportunity to influence the way your week ends. No need to wait for weekends because each day is contributing, each day is necessary with everything each has to offer. I look forward to Mondays because I know if I steer the ship properly, I’ll sail right through the week with ease. Not overlooking blessings allows you to experience much more.

Be grateful…

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