Thoughts 18: You Can’t Lose with Focus

You can’t lose if you’re following your heart, the very thing your heart desires. I realize how distracted we are, following a standard that goes against our will. But I’m here to tell you that your desire to live will guide you. You’re freedom to think and dream will always create the way. You’re a winner for you can't losewere born that way.

They’ll tell you that you need something more in other to fit within their mold. Don’t fall for it. You’re not only more than that, you’re you. And you’re being who you were born to be is far more important any created image. You can’t lose if that free boy you once were became a man. As he would grow to appreciate the world and the way he chooses to navigate through it. We would continue to ask questions and believe in our dreams more. There’s a possibility we’d trust not only ourselves but the process as well.

You’re a winner because from the moment you were born you were determined. Never lose that focus. Everything you ever wanted to do, you made it happen. You couldn’t talk, but you made all the noise you could until one day turning them into words. You’re legs were too weak for you to stand, but you got up every single day. And every time you fell down, you got right back up.

You’re Always a Winner

I remember when I got my first bike. My older was always first so I’d have to watch my mom teach him how to ride. After observing for a while, I picked up the bike, rolled it down the hill and started riding. It wasn’t that it was easy, it was the fact that I didn’t let fear stand in the way. Everyone’s experience is different. Maybe start off falling way more than you could attempt to stand, but you never gave up. You kept going until it became second nature. You can’t lose if you allow that part of you to continue to live.

Let not the introduced fear take control of your journey. After years of being molded, we begin to second guess ourselves and everything that we stand for. We start
seeing problems and start creating obstacles instead of going right through them. We stay down when we fall instead of having the will to get back up. The idea that we spend more time thinking than we do acting explains why many of us fail, but you’re a winner. Everything your mind tells you is true, and anything that is true enough for you, you can create for yourself.

As the creator you were born to be, your destiny stands between what’s in your mind and your acting on it. You can’t lose if you accept the fact that you’re a winner. In other words, there’s no point in taking precautions when on the other side of it all is your success. The words of Nipsey Hussle the Great, “You gotta go hard, you gotta believe in yourself. You gotta have a sense of humor to know that the bullshit is gonna happen, you can’t be too serious about it or too emotional and fake when the bullshit happens. You gotta just stick to the script, believe and have an overwhelming confidence. Be your own biggest fan, your own biggest believer, and put it on your back and carry the weight.”

Can’t Love When You’re Winning

Bottom line, the light of your success is guided by where you keep your focus. When you’re winning is dictated by a combination of your beliefs and actions, you can’t lose. Everything your mind tells you becomes your reality. So feed your mind with all the ingredients necessary to creating a life worth living in. Think, Dream, Act, and remain Focused!

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    • Giovanni Azaël

      Thank you so much @MasterTeacherSage! I thank you for your continual support. It’s angels like you that make a good thought worth sharing. Be well. 🙏🏾

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