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Thoughts 19: Life is More Valuable than the Economy

I don’t mix with politics at all, but at a time like this, I must say that I would always find that life is more valuable than the economy. The talk around the office and everywhere I go has been consistent, the economy. While many companies continue to hurt and people continue to lose their jobs, I’m sure it hurts financially. But as the reports continue to roll in, it’s clear that many lives have and continue to be taken worldwide.

In the triangle of life, an economy cannot exist without the existence of people. Therefore the importance of life on this triangle would only make sense to be lifted atop. The only ONE above that is the creator HIMSELF, the creator of all things.

Fortunately, it’s clear what the world’s focus is and the responsibility we each have at acknowledging that life is valuable. We do this not just by way of words, but by our actions, by the decisions we make that affect us and the people around us. We up the value of life by treating it as rare. Therefore when one hurts we hurt too. That’s the importance of life being put on display at its finest.

I believe we can get lost in man-made things, disregarding that life is more valuable. Many of us, when we think of life we think money. What this means is it takes money to create life. What this means is without money, there’s no point in living. Now, that ultimately means is that money has taken the front seat to the importance of life itself.

Life is More Valuable than Work

“I mean I get it. I don’t think it’s safe to be here too. In fact, I think it sucks we have to be here, but I got to put food on the table. So, until they tell me to stay home I’m going to keep coming.” That was straight out of the mouth of a coworker. I say this not to shame him, but only to point out what we’ve been taught. In other words, we live our entire lives learning how to live externally. So much so that we disconnect ourselves from our core, our very means of feeling.

When we acknowledge that life is more valuable than this economy, then our decisions will be directed around preserving this life. The plans in place will focus on a way of living for sure. But it must be governed by the quality of life as priority. Because without life there’s no movement. And without any movement, no exchange. Without any exchange, no economy.

We think grand when we put money first, not realizing that it’s the little things we overlook that matter most. When we think money, we think penthouses, Lambos, 5 start hotels, and expensive getaways. But when we think life, we envision nature, family, friends, love, and memories. If I were to ask you to feel both, which one would cut deeper? Yes, making a living is valuable, because that’s the way the world is set up. Just because it’s set up that way, doesn’t mean you have to adopt it.

Change Your Priority Change Your LIfe

Before I think of money, I think of breath. Life is more valuable to me than a check. The check comes, but after it goes, what are you left with? If yourself is all you had, would you accept you, or would you overlook you? Remember Lot from the bible stories? She had life until she looked back.

If life is more valuable to you, then your priorities must change, or for some, remain. What you look for out of life shouldn’t be focused on status, it should be focused on the quality of your life. How others see you is useless, but how you treat your life is essential, it’s necessary.

As I said before, I understand the importance of the economy, but I understand more the importance of life. I care more about power and being number one. I care about living and feeling this life I live, because, to me, life is valuable.

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