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Thoughts 23: Not All Opportunities Are Blessings

Not all opportunities are blessings. “Did I just hear that,” is probably what you’re saying to yourself right now. But the truth is, it’s all based on what you consider an opportunity to be. Many of us come from pretty rough backgrounds, having little to no money to eat or make ends meet. In such a scenario, I’m pretty sure a great payday would be a blessing.

But what is a blessing truly? According to the website Lexico, powered by Oxford, a blessing is a beneficial thing for which one is grateful; something that brings well-being. Based on this definition, we should always be grateful for anything beneficial to our existence. That would include, money, blessingoxygen, and connections among other things. But just because someone or the universe gives us something, it’s not a gift. In other words, just because someone finds something useful for them doesn’t mean it’s useful for all.

It would be foolish for you to believe that an SUV you own could serve me the same way it was able to serve you. In fact, the SUV that once served you and your family, that allowed you the many exciting road trips, could be a burden for me. How? Well, what if I don’t feel comfortable driving such a big vehicle? Or, what if I don’t have the space to park it? Even better, what if that gas-guzzler of a vehicle has the ability to drain my pockets faster than I would like to? So when it’s all said and done, that term is subjective. It could’ve been a gift to you, but it’s not a gift for me. Sometimes giving someone something you would appreciate could be a greater hard to them than you could ever imagine.

Not All Blessings Serve Your Purpose

I guess what it really comes down to is your purpose. What is your purpose and how does anything you’re given contribute to it? Does it feed it or does it distract you from reaching your full purpose? We all see money differently. Many of us have been influenced to value money over all things, considering it to be the answer to all of our questions. Like I stated before what may be valuable to you could be toxic to me.

I always wanted to be the success society presented me with, which is to have money that would give me access to a dream. That’s right, I call it a dream because it wasn’t mine. I didn’t create it, it was imposed on me. I never said happiness was making money, driving nice cars, and living in a nice house. That’s what I was fed. But for those that see money as their way out, it could possibly be a blessing.

What are your dreams and goals and what do you feel like you’re put on this earth to do? What is your purpose? Does the gift you’re given contribute to your thriving in the direction you envision yourself going? Because if it doesn’t it’s, not a gift. It is only a distraction that stands in the way of where you are and where you want to go.

Many of us have these big dreams since we were young. What are we currently doing with our lives to fulfill these dreams? Are we currently working towards them? If not, what stands in ouropportunity way? The true questions, what does it really mean to you to watch this dream slowly dissipate right before our eyes? Not all blessings are opportunities.

Why Value What Doesn’t Serve You

How many of us are actually happy doing what we do for a living? How many of us look forward to waking up every single day to go to work? Jow many of us wake up with the hopes of living fully? How many of us actually consider our existence on earth as a blessing? Well, if you aren’t living out your purpose, how can any opportunity serve you unless it aligns with that purpose?

I can see it every day, people that peel themselves out of bed to go sit at a desk while watching the clock. I can also see the relief extracting from them when that shift is over. It’s as if they’ve been released from jail after being sentenced for so long. But why?  I understand, especially, in these times that having a job is a blessing, but what good is this blessing if it takes away from your ultimate goal? What good is this blessing if it stands in the way of the life you’ve been dreaming for so long.

There are many opportunities out there in this world, but just like the fork in the road, only one route takes you to your final destination. How does this path that you’re currently on contribute to the path you want to take? Does it fill your soul or does it just satisfy it? We are only here for a limited of time on this planet so if any opportunity we’re given doesn’t contribute to our vision, just remember, not all opportunities are blessings. Today is only as good as we invite it to be. And for those of us that have yet to envision anything worth living for, take the time to do so. Because it is not a gift unless you’ve given it everything you’ve got.

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