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Thoughts 24: The Most Powerful Thing You Can Do

black lives matter

Based on today’s current events, would you know what the most powerful course of action would be? Despite of the state of the world and the division that is taking place, there is a place for us all to stand. As a matter of fact, if we understand the big picture, I truly believe we can all stand together.

There is definitely strength in numbers especially when it all makes sense. We are in a state of emergency at the moment. Now more than ever, it is important for us to make the necessary powerful statement for the world’s sake. This is far bigger than any one person and it should never be taken lightly. Our very joy and peace of mind depend on it.

Sometimes it’s the little things you do that create such a powerful experience. The power we hold as individuals is far greater than anyone can ever imagine. And it’s definitely something we should hold ourselves accountable to. We are not here to simply exist. Rather, we’re here to leave an imprint, a mark big enough to cause a shift.

As you navigate through life, think about the world, not just your own. Because your world is very important to the bigger picture. Everything you do or say within your world has the ability to add a tremendous amount of value to it. And when you add value to your world, it makes a powerful statement on the world around you.

If you ought to get the most out of life, it’s important to acknowledge what life gives you. It’s life-black lives matterchanging once you start to create your world while simultaneously embracing the world around you. Life becomes more meaningful when you start seeing it from outside yourself.

When We Are One We Are More Powerful

I never felt so connected until I started to see the connection I had with others. Being apart kept me different and created a gap that did nothing but diminish my spirit. I wasn’t different in a special way. It was more like in a judgemental way. And even though that place set me apart, it was necessary. Because sometimes you have to see the world as an outsider so that you see everything you’re missing out on. That was powerful for me.

At first, I wanted to be alone in order to focus for I had a goal that I wanted to attain. That focus was necessary as that hunger and fire that burned stayed lit. But the powerful thing is I realized the opportunities I missed along the way. I had been so focused on myself that I had subconsciously closed my door in the process.

And with my door being closed, I prevented the opportunities from coming in. It wasn’t that I didn’t get any at all, but should I have been taking advantage of all the opportunities? What’re a thousand dollars when you could’ve made ten? The most powerful thing you could do for yourself and the worldblack lives matter is to take a stand. And with this stand, you will have done something far greater than yourself. Something that will live on so that the many to come can see. So when you stand, just make sure it’s for something that right. Take your stand.

There Is No “I” in Team

We must all understand that when one of us heart, we should all hurt. It’s not about how we look, but it’s about how we feel. We all hurt and we all cry. And at the end of it all, we all want to feel loved and accepted. Therefore, it is up to us to make sure that the people around us experience the same.

It should never be a choice, it should be our rightful human duty. It is our responsibility to create a better world from what we were handed. When our offspring start this race of life, we want to know that we gave them a head start. So if you make it a choice and not a duty, guess what you’ll be leaving behind for them?

Like Tupac once said, “I’m not saying I’m going to change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark that will change the world.” That was so powerful, because it’s not about winning the race, it’s about passing the torch. And with that, giving someone else the opportunity to win it for us all.

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