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Thoughts 25: What It Means for Me to be Free

to be free

To be free is to live openly, freely, and transparently. As hard as it is to believe, it’s easy to stay trapped, but much harder to be free. Not because it actually is, but because it is harder to change when you’ve been a certain way for so long.

One of the hardest things you will be challenged with is breaking a habit. Because to build a habit, it takes time. Therefore, to break it, it would take some time as well. It’s a process, just like everything else in life. Based on a 2009 study, published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, it takes between18 and 254 days for a person to live a new habit.

In order to be free from certain habits, we have to be open to a journey. The journey, which Nipsey Hussle referred to as a marathon, builds over time. We’re here for a while so there’s no point attempting the journey the way we started it. The opportunity to grow should always be primary. The price you pay will be rewarding.

Let every day that you are blessed with, become a source of light. Take advantage of all this life continues to offer you. That’s your freedom, it’s your way or key to life. To be free is to appreciate the moment, each breath taken in, and every tick on a clock. Our existing on this planet isn’t something we should feel entitled to. Rather, it’s something we should feel grateful about. Our approach to life is a matter of allowing ourselves to light up on our individual stages.

When you choose to live within the freedom you possess to produce life, you accept your wings. freedomSometimes we forget our ability to create. We forget anything we want, we can create.

When Freedom Rings

The most amazing thing about being free is that we have the ability to change. Whatever we’ve created has been as a result of our habits created over time. Therefore, anything we need or want, we can begin to experience if only we make way for it to come.

In order for each of us to be free, we need and must embrace who we are and what our contribution means to the world. Noticing this makes it a little easier to overcome your course of growth. Not because it actually is, but because knowing your contributions helps confirm that you must. You actually don’t have a choice but to make the proper changes towards growth.

It makes it easier to form a habit when you know what it does to set you free. It’s a world we all deserve to live in. It isn’t based on what someone else thinks or feels about you. It is all based on and navigated through what we see in ourselves. Not the person we were introduced to, but the person you introduced to yourself.

This journey of freedom is continual. We wake up every day with the opportunity of getting way more than we’ve gotten before. And it is at the disposal of our truly wanting it. When wanting to create something, the challenge isn’t creating it. The challenge is knowing we’ve made a commitment, knowing our ability to execute, and following through.

Required Change to be Free

Knowing the challenge ahead and understanding that our being built to conquer all things is what we need, to be free. I don’t believe freedom is something you can ask for be given. I believe freedom is to be enforced or practiced so that you live freely long before you’re acknowledged as such. Because to be freethe reality isn’t what you’re taught or what people tell you.

Your reality is all based on what you choose to believe. The world and everyone in it are constantly telling you what the world is to them. You’re right to life gives you the opportunity of mentally creating a world that fits within your way of living. The understanding of your world and how it looks is what sets you free what that of others.

The most amazing thing about freedom is, by your wanting it, you will be forced to adapt to keep it. To be free is to adjust to every scenario live presents you. The wave you surf should never be given permission to be interrupted.

So when I speak about freedom, I speak about opportunity. When I speak of freedom, I speak of comfort. I understand that life can come against me. But I also understand that life can go within. I understand that life is on my side at all times. It’s all a matter of me always being on my side more than anything.

4 Replies to “Thoughts 25: What It Means for Me to be Free”

  1. Osei

    “The journey of freedom is continual”. Hit the nail on the head! It’s a daily process that has to be enforced and practiced as you said. When times are tough, it’s good to know that life is on our side. And when we’re in our own corner supporting ourselves, it’s better to know that there is always someone that believes in us. The perfect post to read in the confusing times we currently live in

    • Giovanni Azaël


      I really appreciate you taking the time to drown yourself in this one. It’s so important that we remain a reminder of our limitless abilities. We can do all things, if we allow ourselves to. If you give yourself that permission, you’ll be surprised to see what you can actually do. 🙏🏾

  2. Miriam

    So when I speak about freedom, I speak about opportunity. When I speak of freedom, I speak of comfort. I understand that life can come against me. But I also understand that life can go within. I understand that life is on my side at all times.
    This right here is what living is all about! Adapting may be hard at times but knowing this makes it all worthwhile.

    • Giovanni Azaël

      Thank you Queen Miriam. 🙏🏾

      Nothing is really hard. It’s only different. It only seems hard because we’ve never seen it before. But rest assured, we always get through if we must.

      I pray that the good good feelin lives within you.

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