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Thoughts 26: The Time is Now to Set You Free

time is nowI say that the time is now because I give myself no other choice. This article is for me, holding myself accountable for the self promises I’ve made. I do you for you too, because This isn’t a motivator, it’s a declaration. One that I must abide by.

What is this life we’re living and what is it really about? What is the moment look like to you? Is it what we were told or is it what we truly know it could be? The more I observe the more I realize the pattern of life. There are two kinds of living. There’s the way the world supports its living convinces you and there’s your way. Your way of living supports what your ideal version of life looks like. There’s no better time than now.

Now I know the world has had ingrained in many of us what life should be. To break apart from it at this point is like abandoning a ship in the middle of the ocean. But what does life look like to you? Have you provided yourself that opportunity? The moment for you has come, the time is now.

Getting too consumed in what many people create to be life for you can be overwhelming. It’s like a one-way road map to the dream, but not necessarily your dream. The time we all had was precious. We all started off life living, only to have it taken and redistributed to us in a systematic way.

The Better Time is Now

We were all born free, from the moment of our first breath. Therefore, I believe we all have a stage in our lives where we start to fall into our own. We start to mold based on the limitlessness of our imagination. Where we calibrate ourselves to what the world needs.

Based on how far we allow ourselves to dream, the wider the realm of our created world. This time we have before us allows us to preparethe moment ourselves for that outcome. The unfortunate thing that happens is, many of us are introduced to the new way of being before the moment presents itself.

The good news is, it is not lost. It is only buried deep within us. All we have to do is tap into it. Just that simple. The time is now, not tomorrow, not later. Every moment of our existence matters. The moment has come for each and every one of us to acknowledge that desire that burns deep inside of us.

Long before ‘the clock’ existed, life had a totally different meaning for us. Therefore, long before we got introduced to the world of making ends meet, the freedom, it was boiling inside. The real question is, what matters to you? What makes you move? What would life mean without it? How would life be if you could have it? That’s it!

Before the jobs came reigning in and before school meant the path to the systematic way of living, you were on your way. Long before we were guided we were on our way to creating our way. Your time was there long before you believe it was given to you.

Your Life is Worth Living

Life is the most amazing gift known to man. The moment we opened our eyes into the world, it all began. Our living starts with the definition of life we’ve created for ourselves. Those deep into the matrix of life and have yet to realize what their world looks like, it’s fine. old timesTherefore, take the necessary time in meditation and allow it all to set in.

It’s in you, your path, your way of living. Only you know and only you can create it for yourself. In other words, whatever you choose, just make sure that of your life, the quality of your world should always be worth living. Just remember that life is a beautiful performance being acted based on the vision created in our minds. Let go, breathe, and allow it the space to live.

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