The reality is that creativity can be fostered with the right work environment, clever processes, and hard work. Here are our dos and don’ts when it comes to staying creative under pressure — and quick ways to put them into practice next time you’re in a pinch.

Let Fear Not Limit You

We all want to do the best we can be in all that we do. This is true when we seek the approval of a possible client. Our creativity is likely to face criticism. Therefore, the fear that accompanies it can be a bit tough. For one to stay creative it’s important that friends with that fear.

Holding on to such fear can cause more harm than good. Ever had that paralyzing feeling the feeling of failure creates. It’s like a deer caught in the headlights. In such an environment, the ability to work under pressure could be a major advantage.

The best way to walk through such an adventure is to be more inclusive. As a creative myself, too many times do I enjoy time in ‘the cave’ as they say it. For those that don’t know, the cave is both a space and a state that allows you to lock in. With locking in, creating a gap between your creation and everyone else, everyone the ones it created for.

I know that feeling so well. But the reality is, why hide my creations from the ones I intended on pleasing? It’s like cooking a full course meal with no intentions of having guests? How valuable do you believe it would be for the ones you look to serve to guide you? As I write this article, I realize just how much this relates to me as well.

Break free from doing it alone. Why do that when you have a team of fans working for you for free?

Stay Simple Stay Creative

stay creative

Do you happen to feel stuck, with any sense of direction? Have you taken the time to recap the requirements that had been shared with you? What exactly are they expecting of you? What do they truly want you to achieve.

It’s easy to get lost in confusing work. Before you know it, the more you see the more you want effect hits. That’s when the client gets inspired by your work, adding more work taking you further from the original expectations. To stay creative doesn’t mean to continue doing creative things without any sense of direction. There’s a boundary that just mustn’t be crossed.

It’s important to revisit the goal of each project constantly. It’s easy to get creatively lost by doing work that lacks direction and purpose. In those moments, take a moment to center yourself. Take a moment to refocus the task at hand. I always believe we should always break things down to the level of a child.

Once you can do that you’re a step closer to a happy client. Why do we complicate things? Subconsciously, the 9 to 5 taught us that hard work is staying busy. Hard work is doing more. Fortunately, that is not the case.

Don’t Wait Just Do It

As amazing as that the thing is, it doesn’t always come around the first time. Therefore, aiming to create it in such a manner will only leave you standing still. Movement is necessary. When all fails, just do it. Everything you need along what away will find its way to you. Just do it, because that is how you get good at it.

stay creative

A dream standing still is dead. it’s very important that we get in the state of doing. We both know you’ve got a lot to do. It may help that you take one piece at a time. Take the first piece and focus on that first. And don’t be so strict in your ways. When getting started, it’s ok if we start off in the wrong order.

To stay creative, it’s important that you allow your creativity to be. Creativity isn’t controlled. Creativity is being free. The truth is, a lot of what you’ll start off doing may not even be the right thing to do. That’s ok. Just keep going. That way, you stay moving, you learn, and if you like me, you grow.

I read an art book that taught me that very concept. I even applied it in my writing. It allowed me to stay creative by allowing me to free flow without any self-created obstacles.