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Tips to Celebrate Your Small Victories

small victories

Many of us have big dreams and goals we want to accomplish. Small victories are important because dreams take a great deal of work and energy. It’s easy to think of your ideal life, but how many excuses do we create that keep us from it.

Nothing comes to fruition without effort. That means whatever your dreams are, whatever outcome you seek, that alone isn’t enough. Throughout the stages of effort you produce, don’t forget about the small victories. You must be able to celebrate every level of your accomplishments.

Life is such an unpredictable sphere of events, with so much out of our hands. I really thought about this concept of achieving my dreams deeply. It wasn’t until a friend of mine passed away did I start to question myself. “What if I don’t get to achieve my dreams,” I would ask.

The reality hit me, and that is when celebrating small victories was made real to me. With this, I would need to find other ways to manifest the things I set out to. It was necessary that I shift my focus from what if I never made it to giving it everything I have.

Small Victories are Not too Small

We’re taught to go big or go home, but the truth is, going big doesn’t always do it. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with going big, but failing to see the big picture takes away from the experience. “Life is hard,” we tend to hear.

I have to be fair. As much as I want to say that life, in fact, isn’t as hard as we make it out to be, there are other variables we must accept. The truth is nothing is really hard. It’s all based on how we look at it. It’s all based on our approach towards any situation. Small victories are important becomes it simplifies everything.

It takes something complex and breaks it down in sizeable chunks. Think about feeding a baby, for instance. You wouldn’t feed a baby a nice piece of steak, would you? Of course not. You would probably rather, feed it what it can actually handle. That’s where our small victories come into play.

We all know how hard it is to accomplish any goal. But when we break it all down into milestones, we start to see just how doable it really is. So if you’re on a mission, a big one, break it down. Because things get tough and you’re going to need a reason big enough to keep pushing through. Celebrate, celebrate, and celebrate these small victories because each small one, contributes to the overall big scheme of things.

Whatever you do, don’t you dare stop. That’s the only time we actually lose.

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