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Tips to Create Positive Work Environment Around You

To get the most out of everyone, the positive work environment you create goes a long way. When people feel comfortable, or at home, they are motivated to do more. They are more likely to work at a higher level.

Although implementing these things takes resources, it will all be worth it in the end. Not only does it give us something valuable to look forward to, but it also ensures the best output. Therefore, we’ll eventually realize the positive work environment we’re creating along with its effects.

positive work environment

I understand the concept, it’s business, right? We all should come to work to do what we must. And in exchange, we all receive a check. That’s the reward! Or, is it really? If you’re not making creating a positive work environment your primary goal, you might want to think twice.

I guess my question is, what do you want your employees to feel as a result of coming to your workplace every… Would you not want to create a positive work environment that encouraged good working relationships? The beauty in togetherness, like any well-oiled machine, is that it runs smoothly.

I’m sure by now we’ve seen the product of a dysfunctional workplace. If you’ve experienced it firsthand, then you get it. I’m sure neither of us would want to create an environment that people dread coming to. Ever had that feeling where you just didn’t want to come out of your car? When we create a positive work environment, people are more likely to look forward to it. Not only will your attendance improve, but so will your performance.

We now know the benefits, but how do begin to apply this positive work environment in our workplace? I’ll give you five steps to get things started.

1. Provide a Human feel 

positive work environment

It’s important there exists a positive work environment where your team feels connected to you. It’s important your team feel that you are a part of the team and not just an authority. Sending short emails or messages alone just won’t cut it. Anyone can do that. But, by taking the time to physically insert yourself shows that you care. Invest in your team on a personal level. Ask them not only about what their working on, but their goals are as well.

At the end of it all, we’re all human beings looking to create our best experience. We all want to feel like we matter.

2. Show Them that You Care

We’ve all been there, right? After working extremely long hours to complete a project, the response we get makes us feel underappreciated. We all like money, but appreciation means more to me than an increase in salary. I’d rather feel like my work makes a difference. And I’m sure many of you feel the same too. A positive work environment creates a space of refuge, a place to look forward to.

positive work environment

How do you acknowledge your time? What ways do you have in providing meaning appreciation? Show them that you are paying attention to their efforts so that they do more. When the team feels that their work is being acknowledged, their encouraged to do even more.

3. Positive Work Environment Listens

Despite rank, we all have great ideas to share. All levels contribute to the overall product. Therefore, everyone’s voice should always be equal in power as it relates to ideas. When you create a positive work environment, teams should have the confidence to speak knowing that their voice will be heard.

As someone familiar with the construction industry, I understand the different layers involved. You have the execs at the top followed by project management. At the industry’s bottom, which I consider the top, are the laborers. Now, despite the illusion that has been created, if there is anyone with ideas, it would be them. So the question is, why do they seldomly speak up?  Well, when you create a positive work environment, where people feel heard, problems are solved. And when problems are solved, believe me, everyone feels good.

4. Team Building

positive work environment

What are you doing to keep the team together? At the end of the day, team implies some sort of togetherness, doesn’t it? And part of that together, there lies a bit of faith, or trust if you will. If there is one thing that makes many of us feel uncomfortable is being micromanaged? Who likes being asked for the status of work every 15 minutes? Many of us like to be given direction so that we are better able to execute. So allow your energy to be focused on transmitting what is expected clearly so that it is well understood. Because when it is well understood you give the team a chance at creating the best product.

5. Let Go and Let LIve

I’d always hear that work is not supposed to be fun. I was told that work is where you go to do what you must to get paid. I never understand that concept. The place we all spend most of our time is not supposed to be fun? When work is fun, you’ve created a positive work environment. And when you create such an environment, you create a place the team looks forward to experiencing.

Positive Work Environment Summarized

We all work hard to climb the ladder. But too many times do we confuse being a boss as a leader. A boss sets demands and makes orders. A leader makes you feel excited and confident about doing what they need you to do. A boss boosts his own ego. A leader, through humility, builds their team.

positive work environment

We should always remember that although our roles are different, we are all ONE. When you aim to make the least paid person feel just as important as the highest, you’ve achieved your goal. Like any well-oiled machined, every component contributes to its overall success. So make it your intention to make every single person on your team feel no less than the rest. When it’s all said and done, there is nothing wrong with opening your heart to others so that it is felt.

When you open up, the team is better to feel you. And when they are able to feel you, they will fight for you because they will feel that you and they are one.

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