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Tips to Decide What to Do When You Have Lots of Passions


We all discover your passionhave lots of passions. Now, we may have not tapped into them just yet, but there’s hope. There’s hope that we can all eventually figure it all out. Despite our passions, we all know that we can only give any one thing our full attention. What does the one thing look like?

Right in the middle of the pandemic, I decided that I was going to quit my job. Like many would wonder, “What was I going to do next?” How was I going to support myself while still allowing myself the feeling of being ALIVE. After all, I knew I wouldn’t need to find my passion as that had already been defined.

Long before I had entered the workforce I had been exploring what this life of mine would look like. So if you’re worried bout taking that next big leap, take the time to discover your passion. In other words, finding your passion will be key in creating a path you’ll find worth living.

I did the construction thing for a while but I’m not sure that I was quite feelin it as I once was. It wasn’t feeding me. I felt empty as I had been in a toxic environment. Furthermore, I didn’t believe I was holding myself accountable. I mean, how could I allow myself comfort to overshadow my passions.

I knew what my gifts were and I knew that if I searched through the lots of passions I had, I’d find something. But the most important question for me was, “Who would I be inspiring? Who would I be pouring into?”

Find Your Passion so That You Better Server Your Life

Find what it is you love to do. What does it look like? When you find your purpose, you find your life. And when you find your life, you’ve found true LIVING.

find your passion

Living is an amazing thing. As a matter of fact, LIVING is the only thing necessary to our existence. I’m not speaking of waking up every day. I’m talking about being ALIVE every day that you’re given to LIVE. After all, I don’t write these words in all CAPS for nothing.

Well, based on the title of this blog, I’m responsible for providing you with types right? I’ll provide you with a few that will help you find your passion in life. You deserve it.

1. See the End Clearly

You’ll be surprised to know what can happen when you can see where you’re going long before you get there. The first thing in finding your passion is seeing the end destination. How does it look like to you? Is it clear? Because if you are to get there it ought to be clear to you. As long as you can picture the end, you can always connect the dots later.

2. Know Your Worth

If you don’t know what you’re worth, they’ll end up telling you. Throughout our journey, it’s important that we keep in mind what we are worth, the value we all have to bring. When you are able to get that in order, you protect your energy. And on this journey, you’ll need all the positive energy you can get.

3. Your Passion in Life Needs No Pay

Stop thinking about the money. Passion isn’t driven by money, it’s driven by love backed by a fiery desire. I had to ask myself, “What can I see myself doing for the rest of my life if money wasn’t a factor?” This was it. And if you’re here now, you’re currently tuned into pure passion in the making. If you know your worth, you know that money can’t give to you.

4. Never Ever Stop

Nothing worth achieving comes easy. You’ll have to do things that make you feel uncomfortable. But keep in mind what’s at stake. Finding your passion and purpose in life is worth having and worth experiencing. Sometimes only you’ll understand where you’re going because no one can see it the way you do. That’s ok. The only person that needs to know where the ship is going is the captain.

It gets hard. But it’s all a part of the game. No matter what happens, NEVER GIVE UP. Just like trading stocks, you only lose when you sell. When you stop you do just that. You only discount everything you’ve ever worked for, for scraps.

Don’t stop. We need you. The world needs you. No matter what your passion is, the world needs it. Better yet, the world is a better place when we are all striving towards our best selves. Get there. Invest the time you need to figure it out. I pray that these 4 steps have helped you get the motor started. You’re only a decision away from finding your passion and purpose in this life. I have all the faith that you will.

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