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Tips to Embrace and Accept Change in Your Life

embrace change

If only we could all just embrace this concept of life called change. If only we could all accept change, half of our challenges in living would be solved. I say, and will continue to say that life is constantly happening. We control only the things that are meant to be.

When things happen, what are the things you do to help you maintain course. After all, there are no plans we pursue that will go as smooth as we’d like. Therefore, when we accept change, we not only give ourselves a chance, but also our dreams a chance to blossom.

Currently, my family and I are currently dealing with the unexpected death of my father. Talk about life changing, right? It’s one thing to say embrace change, but another to actually take action. It’s been 5 days since the funeral, and still I find myself lost in this new reality.

As the guests begin to dwindle, and my focus begins to change, already I’ve been able to find opportunities. It’s never easy to make good of things that hurt. But life is happening whether we’re ready for it or not. When we embrace change and the  many surprises that come along with it, we win.

But it wouldn’t be fair if I parted ways without at least leaving you with what has helped me in the initial stages of my lost.

Embrace Change and be Set Free

embrace change

We all want our life experiences to be as smooth as possible. I mean, who wouldn’t want it any other way? Currently, processing a man that I just spent time with being gone isn’t easy, but it’s real. When you accept or embrace change, you give yourself  a chance to experience more.

I must admit, going through it firsthand, things don’t always feel as they are. One thing that is helping me at the moment is understanding what is, for what it is. To accept change is to accept the reality presented for what it is.

In this place we are not looking to run away from things. We are looking to acknowledge, embrace, and grow from it all. Therefore, it is with a natural heavy heart I accept this reality. It’s normal that I allow these emotions to be felt. If I do accept everything that comes along with it, I don’t accept change.

From Hidden Gems to Many Lessons

Throughout my life, I’ve realized that it is from my adversities I found drive. It is from my adversities I’ve been able to leverage and discover the many opportunities it had been serving me. To accept change isn’t to surrender. On the other hand, it is to open yourself to life’s limitless opportunities.

As I sit and think during my early mourning stages, I can’t help but reflect and think of how we’ve gotten here. Throughout my entire recap, I begin to unravel the many gems I’ve been blessed with along the way.

My father was with us for about 67 years. While that seems impressive, the blueprint that comes along with it is what I’m grateful for. The gratitude that I’m filled with today I pray intensifies with each day. Because although I miss my father, the many lessons he’s left me with outweigh my current desire.

I know it won’t be easy, but I know how I embrace change will dictate the road I pave to it. I constantly think of the many lessons my father sacrificed for our sake. Although he’s gone, the many lessons he leaves behind we can all take.

Allow Your LIfe to be Lived

Life goes on I constantly hear, but nothing could ever be so true. As I find myself surrounded by my beautiful wife, mother, brothers, and family, I can’t help but notice the world moving along. Yes, despite what we are going through, the world keeps right along pushing through.

Just like my previous experiences, I find that increasing my quality of living gives me more to live for. When you accept change you give yourself permission to feel things through. You allow yourself to go through life, but you also allow yourself the feelin you deserve.

embrace change

My father is no longer with us any more, but the lessons I’ve learned will enhance this very life I look to live full. Who knew his lessons, his efforts would take shape long after his absence. I’m so filled knowing that a part of him will always be a part of me.

With that, I accept change, not to skip over, but to live through. With that, I make good with all of the many gifts life provides.

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  1. Colette Azael

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts. I am so proud of you. Your father raised some fine young men and he was also proud of what the three of you became.

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