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Tips to Find a Healthy Work-life Balance

work-life balance

What is life to you? It wasn’t until recently has work-life balance became a topic, a well-needed one at that. We all have goals and aspirations, but how much of it has to do with your quality of life? Just asking this question gives me goosebumps. That’s because that’s something we rarely hear. And for those of us that have…blessings.

I’m far from a judge. As a matter of fact, if there is one thing I understand is that life we’ve been served. But what’s served isn’t obligated for any of us to keep. For this reason, I made a choice. After all, what life is for you isn’t necessarily what it is for me, right? When you hear work-life balance, what are you hearing? What are you feeling?

I guess the real question is, where is your total focus? Is living your priority or is it the ladder you’re continually aiming to climb? Have you taken the time to think about what life really means to you? Or has the world already directed you in its direction? We live in a world where you’re almost shunned for speaking of life, true life. It makes sense because to speak about life without including money these days is a sin. Only when you’ve had time to think about that will you understand what work-life balance really means. At the end of the day, no point in being given time if you’re not sure of what to do with it, right?

We All Know What Work is

We’re all in this rat race, therefore, we all know what work is. In order to survive in this world, we all need a source of income. “It takes work,” we constantly hear. Beyond needing to work is a lifestyle we’re told represents the American dream. There’s something about that dream that fails to represent most of our true dreams. Before following any dream, take the time to unravel your own.

work-life balance

If you fail to reveal yours, you’ll find yourself chasing theirs for the rest of your life. And if you fail to reveal your won, you’ll find yourself amassing things that mean nothing to you. The status chasing never leads to more happiness, so what’s keeping you alive. Many of us enjoy the jobs we have even if it isn’t one we’re passionate about. When I say work-life balance, what are you doing to light your life?

Too many of us live to work. But how many of us work to live? My brother Howard Nejib had many of those conversations. How many of us get so caught up in another’s dream that we center our very lives around it? We get so caught up in another’s dream our reenergizing is to give, with little to keep. I understand working to survive is necessary for many of us, but how do you offset that life? How do set yourself free? That is what work-life balance is all about.

The Benefits of Work-Life Balance

For many of us, along with the work comes stress. I’ll tell you one thing, stress is never good. So how do you release that stress? How do you take care of that amazing soul that had to endure such a day? That’s what work-life balance is. How do you make of the time you’ve given away?

Are you a writer? Is that where your passion lies? Then why not give yourself that space to write? What about that good book you thought about writing? Getting started anytime soon? Or maybe blaming work for your time is much easier? Are you passionate about singing? Then where is your voice? You get my drift, right?

work-life balance

How about connecting? Who have you connected with recently? One of our most important needs is to be connected? Have you made time for your family, your friends? Give work-life balance a chance. Get out, socialize, surround yourself with like-minded people. It’s necessary.

Too many of us live our course without truly living. It’s unfortunate that we were taught to work before learning how to live. But today it all changes. Today, this moment, a choice stands before you. To find happiness one must not be willing to negotiate their passion. Give yourself that opportunity, give yourself the time. That’s what work-life balance is all about. That way of living not only helps you show up for work, it also helps you show up for yourself.

Head in that direction…now. It’s worth our attention.

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