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Tips to Harness Your Mind to See Goodness in Everything

goodness in everything

It’s not easy to see the goodness in everything. But, the truth is, it exists whether we choose to accept it fully or not. I mean, it’s hard for me to tell someone that has just lost their job that there’s good attached to that lost.

In fact, because most of us find it hard to adapt to change, it’s hard to find good within it. If we refuse to adapt to the constant changes in the world, we blind ourselves to the goodness in everything. Goodness lives within every event, but our refusing to ride the wave of change sets us back.

Just like the sun sets, it rises again. Nothing is forever, nor should we ever hope for them to be. Part of life’s adventures is exploring the many gifts within it. We live to experience and pour out everything we’ve been given back into the world. Therefore, there is goodness in everything only if you choose to look for good within it.

I know the struggle. The constant keeping up with what everyone is doing. I know how that is too well. But true freedom reveals itself through things that are meaningful. True freedom reveals itself through our following our life’s purpose.

When Life CHallenges Goodness in Everything Remains

It’s tough to see light when darkness exists. That’s because it’s hard to see hope of anything different when our vision have been tainted. We switch from our reality to the outside reality that fails to serve us all. So no matter the magnitude of your adventures, good lives on.

Think about it. Goodness isn’t in the things that happen to us. Goodness is in the things that are constantly happening for us. Breathe, relax and know that everything you’re going through is temporary. And when the dust settles, clarity will come. There IS goodness in everything, because everything is good.

Just as the wind blows, time passes. And just as time continues to pass, the more we have the ability to see and experience firsthand. May our visions be clear and may our perceptions continue to allow us to persevere through life’s adventures.

I find goodness in everything because I find that with life, all is well. I’ve found living within the wide parameters of life is far more than we give credit to. I am blessed. In fact, we are all blessed. The idea that we are here, at this very moment, reading this article is a true blessing of itself.

So no matter what the world is saying, there is goodness in everything. There are no constant urgencies of achieving or accumulating. The only true achievement lies within this very moment. Because everything before it is gone, and everything after has yet to come.

Let us live within this constant goodness we are being served. A lot of us may question this goodness, but goodness is only clear to those that seek and believe that it is there for them to obtain. It’s in you, it’s in me, and it’s in everyone in the world around us. Seek, and you shall find.

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