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Tips to Improve Your Memory at Any Age

improve your memoryIf you’re working to improve your memory, you’re like me and many others. I know you’ve had the experience of going somewhere for a reason, only to arrive forgetting why. Here’s a better one. You know, the searching for the glasses while it sits on your head?

If you’re from a culture like mine, you’ve probably heard  someone say, “I’m too old for this, or that.” But is it true, or are we just feeding our limiting beliefs? The truth is, the mind is far more powerful than we give it credit for. That means, to improve your memory, there’s no need to get younger.

It’s only a matter of tapping into the minds powers. A tips will help go a long way.

Tip 1: Work the Mind

Just like any physical muscle, the brain needs to be worked out too. What other way do you intend on improving your memory? What other way do you foresee yourself putting in the work the mind needs to achieve higher strength?

The more we are able to use the mind, the more the mind strengthens. The more the brain is put to work, the more fluid the process becomes. What are you currently lacking, and what exercise can bring you closer to your end destination?

The more you’re able to work the mind, the more you improve your memory. The goal is to focus on your weakness, what needs building. If you’re already exceling at it, there’s no point in revisiting. Just like any physical workout, it’s only as easy as the effort we put into it. Therefore, the more we work in improving the more improvement we’ll find.

Tip 2: Put in the Work to Improve Your Memory

As much as I’ve worked out physically, one thing that I’ve learned is the mental aspect. I learned that 90% of the work is mental. That’s because we spend the majority of our mental strength convincing ourselves that we can. At least that’s what we try.

Although the mind and the body requires it’s own workout, working out alone can contribute to your improving your memory. It plays a major role because it helps stimulate neuronal connections. Whatever you do, keep the blood flowing keeping in mind that what’s good for the heart is also good for the brain. And what’s good for the brain feeds the mind.

Tip 3: Allow YOurself Some Rest

There’s the amount of sleep you get, and there’s the amount that you need. The majority of adult needs between 8 and 9 hours a sleep each night. It’s not something that should be taken lightly because skipping out on a few hours can make a huge difference. improve your memorySleeping is essential for us to improve your memory. Scientists have proven that sleep is necessary for us to consolidate our memories. The best way to ensure that we get the appropriate amount of sleep is by making sure we lay our heads to rest at the same time every day.

Try allowing yourself a bit of time after disconnecting from the television or computer. As a tea drinker, it’s important that I make sure that my caffeine intake isn’t at a minimal. To enjoy the best sleep, feed your body with what feeds your sleeping habits.

Tip 4: Watch What You Eat

The foods you fill yourself with is the fuel to your body. And the foods that feed your body has the ability to fuel your brain. Think about the many healthy fats that accomplish this. Including lean protein will provide all the benefits the mind needs to function properly. It’s more about what you eat as well. What you don’t eat makes just as much of a difference.

Be intentional as to what you are feeding yourself. Understand the advantages it contains and how it benefits your overall existence. Take some time aside and take the measures towards knowing what your blood type is. Based on your blood type you will know what foods contribute to your overall health.

Not all good foods are good for all. Your blood type will determine how one food may serve you while another doesn’t. And what may serve one person, may not serve you the same. Therefore, to improve your memory, it’s important that you understand yourself apart from everyone else.

We are each special beings with special super powers that need to be exposed. But at the end, the best input will produce the best output. And that’s what you’re worthy of. Nothing less.

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