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Tips to Increase Peace of Mind in Tough Times

peace of mindKeeping your peace of mind or, better still, increasing a peaceful mind during tough times is difficult. Believe me, I have been there, and I know exactly how it feels to try to keep looking happy even when things aren’t going so great. Tough times would come as you cant live your life in a happy-go-lucky manner. It could be losing a loved one, losing your job or even sickness, but some situations would knock the wind out of your sails. But even amidst all of this, you have to have peace of mind.

You have to develop resilience and positive energy to keep being happy even if the odds aren’t in your favor. Learn always to maintain a peaceful mind. We would be looking at some of the ways to achieve this peace of mind even in the darkest of periods


Life happens, so suck it up. You always would not have your cake and eat it. There definitely would be bad days. You would only make it worse by dwelling on it and gloating. Please make up your mind to accept that whatever has happened, happened so move on with your life and get it over with. Learn the lessons life has taught and move on to the next thing it has to offer. Always practice being present in every moment of your existence. Accept the current situation and move!

TRY TRUSTING YOURSELF for peace of mind

The tough time might be due to a decision you made that might have backfired or not turned out the way you planned. Okay, so I am going to walk you through how I deal with this myself. First off, I remind myself that I made the decision alone. No one else made it for me, so it’s on me. Secondly, I remind myself of the reason for which I made the decision. I definitely would have envisaged something good off of it. Thirdly, I make a conscious effort to trust myself. I trust that I will see it to its end. I trust that I will make it. I trust that I will overcome. Trust to find peace of mind whilst at it.

find peace of mind


Whatever you are facing, no matter how difficult, should be a learning point. If you keep looking at it as a problem, then it remains a problem. And when it remains a problem, be sure that your peace of mind is out the window. Okay, so take a deep breath and think. See the problem as a learning point and not something that will keep you stuck in a place. Once you do this, you are almost home and dry.

Just take out what it taught you and keep forging ahead. The odds will be in your favor soon enough; trust me, it will.


There is a saying that time heals all. Whatever situation you are facing, give it time; it would be gone soon. Though it might be difficult to calm the troubles of your heart during the waiting period, not to worry, darkness only lasts the night, and joy comes in the morning. Keep working on yourself to be a better person and try finding happiness in whatever you do. Very soon, it would be gone just as it came.


If you are comfortable talking to people about what you are going through, then you can try confiding in a trusted friend or partner. Pouring out your heart to a second party can go a great way in easing the burden of going through dark times alone and achieving happiness. Discuss with someone you trust, it could be a mentor, partner or even a close friend, and I am almost sure you would feel better and happier when you have done that.

Rough times will always come, but the key to wading through it and coming out the happier is keeping a positive outlook and keeping your mind at rest. Accept the situation no matter how sordid it might seem and seek ways to navigate it successfully. Always remember that you are not alone as some people might also be facing far worse things. And most importantly, remember that a peaceful mind is a peaceful life.

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