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Tips to Make Every Day the Best Day of Your Life

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There is a saying that every day isn’t perfect. But you can actually make every day perfect if you have the will and grit. Sometimes we just wish things would be much more different. You go out some mornings, and you just feel like throwing in the towel and quitting it all. Such feelings come, especially when things aren’t going your way.

On days like these, there is always that urge to snap at people. Depression sets in. Pretty soon, you are the nag that no one wants to talk to, and I bet you, you will hate that. But what if I told you that there are tips with which you could make each day your life’s best day. Yes! Tips with which you could rise above those challenges that threaten to spoil your mood and day and stay happy. Tips to make every day the best day of your life!!!

Wake Up Early and Have A Routine

The early bed gets the worm right. Waking up early helps you start on your priorities faster than everyone else. Waking up early gives you a head start in tackling the day and this, in turn, gives you enough time to combat occurrences that might try to hinder your happiness in a day.

Create a routine to follow each morning that you have tested and make you happy going forward. This morning routine sets the tone of your day and helps you stay happy no matter what you have to deal with.


Not only does exercise help you get and stay fit, but it also helps you relieve stress. Stress is the primary cause of irritability or anger, and what better way to check it than exercising. Science has also proven that exercise can increase the release of dopamine and norepinephrine into the bloodstream, which increases the level of happiness. Especially engage in exercises that help you relax; it could be swimming, brisk walks, running etc. Just experiment, know the ones that suit you and start with that every morning. Quick Tip: Exercising in the morning keeps you alert ad sharp and inadvertently checks mistakes that could ruin your day.

Spend Time with A Loved One

It sometimes seems the world out there is cold, which can sometimes spark the embers that fuel disastrous days. To remedy this, seek the warmth that companionship of friends and family provides. Seek the life the best day of your life by spending quality time with a close friend or family whom you can pour out all frustrations and who in turn have encouraging words to soothe the pain. Take a time out to visit or just even call them and have a nice quiet chat with them. Bond with them, and I bet you would come out better off.

Eat Well

A hungry man is an angry man. It’s a no brainer that not having enough food in the belly to fuel your daily physical and mental activities can sometimes result in easy frustration or tiredness, which in turn fuels a lousy day. I am not saying you should be a glutton, but at least eat. Take adequate amounts at various times of the day to keep you going and happy.

Dint skip meals. Eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner at the appropriate times. You need food to keep you going and happy.

Get Enough Sleep

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Sleep helps rejuvenate and relax the body and mind after a hard day of work. Not getting enough of it would hamper your daily activities as your body won’t be rested enough to take on the days activity. Proper sleep guarantees focus and vigor for the activities of the next day. Not letting yourself get enough sleep could lead to depression and irritability the next day.

Let your brain cells rest for the next day. Get ye some sleep!

Take A Break

It’s ok to take a break sometimes. It’s not just working, work, work every time. Learn to give yourself some time off. Push away that computer for some time; stay away from making that call for some time. Just watch tv or surf the internet. Keep off work a little bit. It might be at intervals in a day or just taking one full day off, but breaks are essential to having beautiful days.

Indulge Yourself

Yes. Don’t be all too serious at all times. Sometimes you just have to indulge in your inner cravings to derive the happiness you need to make it through the day. Take ice cream, ride a see-saw, go on impulse buying etc. Just do what you know will bring you happiness. It doesn’t mean you have to do it all the time. But once in a while won’t hurt! Indulge.

Finding happiness and making every day the best day of your life is what a lot of people crave and would do anything for but have found it difficult in achieving. I have curated tested and proven tips that I am sure that, when put into action, will ensure a happy forever every day.

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