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Tips to Moving Beyond of Your Comfort Zone

comfort zone

Step outside of your comfort zone. For most part, life begins outside of where you’re comfortable. It all starts at the point of discomfort.

Within life lies opportunities, no matter where you go. But they tend to be outside of your comfort zone. Because of this achieving them can be a bit hard for those of us that have not learn to navigate in this realm.

What does your comfort zone look like? Sometimes we mistake discomfort as a measure of our limitations. We figure that life shouldn’t be so hard and that if things begin to get tough, try another avenue.

The truth is, part of growth involves us doing things we’ve never done before so we get results we’ve never gotten. What tends to hold us back isn’t any particular event. But rather, it’s the way we choose to define that event.

Transitioning from Your Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is magical to us. It provides us with everything we want. At this stage of the game, having our needs met is what feels comfortable to us. Fortunately, the lack of clarity and the inability we have to  control all things is what allows for growth.

If we only lived in our comfort zone, we would never stretch ourselves. Therefore, we would not be able to grow from the many lessons life serves us. Too many of us have overcome this way of living, and many of us have grown beyond our wildest imaginations.

When it comes down to it, it all depends on what you value most. Is it living in a world where everything just goes your way? If that is the case, you wouldn’t be doing yourself any justice. Because for one, that isn’t real. According to Murphy’s Law, things are bound to happen. That’s just the way of life. And living in your comfort zone isn’t going to safe you.

comfort zone

Here are a few benefits of leaving the comfort zone behind you.

1. Finding Gratification

Your personal values is everything. If you are here on this earth for the sake of existing, it makes sense to live in within your comfort zone. But if you purpose is far deeper and connected to your mission to evolve over time, then growth is necessary. There’s no way around it, over it, but only through it.

2. Reword Your Thoughts

We all have our own way of thinking. Some contribute to our well-being while others contribute to self-sabotage. We all deserve not just to live, but to live a life of quality, one of purpose. Therefore, the thoughts we keep either push us further, or keep us back all together.

So watch the thoughts you keep. Watch the words you utter, because both have the ability to push you further away from where you deserve to be.

3. Never Give Up

Giving up is never an option. After all, life is a journey and should be treated as such. It isn’t about beginning and end. It’s about what happens in between. Everything we do between the beginning and the end is what determines just how the end will look like.

Your journey is constantly developing whether you’re connected to it or not. Your comfort zone is where things are easy, where life feels breezy. But little growth lives there. Now outside of that? That’s where things continue to happen.

4. Self-Awareness Will Tell You About Your Comfort Zone

We are all living, but are all connected? Being connected to oneself is understanding how and what we do to contribute to our way of living. Our comfort zone tends to keep us away from this concept. So stay connected to yourself. Pay constant attention to what you’re doing and how. Don’t just allow yourself to be mindless.

What is your day or your life to look like? How do you foresee it coming together? Your self-awareness will allow you to see what you are doing that allows you to stay in your comfort zone, while uncomfortably sabotaging your ability to grow.

They say life isn’t easy, but the truth is, it’s our inability to accept it for what it is. Life is life, and life IS. It is only us that have the responsibility of adapting to is many hidden gifts so that we create a path to finding it.

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