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Tips to Stop Being Lazy About Your Personal Growth

stop being lazy

Our personal growth is not only important to you, but to the world as well. Therefore, it’s important that we stop being lazy so that we can start to experience true meaning. It is important to know that only through intentional work can we experience such. Ok, let me rephrase that. Only through constant adventures can we truly experience the concept of growth.

When you think about it, we’re not all lazy by nature. In order for us to stop being lazy, we need to be inspired. We need to work from a place of passion. That is what fuels humans. The reason why we do things must always be far greater than the efforts it will take us to get there.

We all have a voice that is guiding us. I like to call it the voice of God. If we dive a little deeper spiritually, we were all created in His image. Therefore, inside of us is an installation of the GPS that will guide us. It is as if He is guiding us through ourselves throughout our journey of life. What is your voice telling you? Whatever it is, I pray that it drives you, guides you, and bears the fruit you were guided to harvest.

Now I say this not to lecture you, but rather to serve you. It’s so you know that the direction inside of you comes from a source far greater than you acknowledge. There’s no way to stop being lazy when you live in a world of limitations. It directs you to its beliefs, rather than your purpose, your true reason for being. Stop being lazy. Not by doing what you’re directed, but by following your voice. The very voice that was built-in to take you there.

How Do I Stop Being Lazy?

I love this question because it’s a good one. If you’re stuck, why not ask how to move? Why not ask for a nudge? Well without any delay, let’s get to moving. No, literally, move! You can’t get going if you’re standing still right? Just to be clear, moving doesn’t always mean physically. It can be mentally as well. And this very mental aspect is what I’m speaking of.

stop being lazy

Keep the mind working. What you think about all day long is what you eventually become. Therefore, if if you don’t have the funds to manifest your dreams, think about it. Even if it seems impossible, think about it. If there happen to be no believers, think about it even more. As long as it is real to you, let not anyone beyond you alter those beliefs. After all, every good invention began with a thought. So when I say stop being lazy, I mean stop ignoring yourself.

Allow your dreams to drive you, to guide you. But most importantly, listen when it speaks. Now that you’re in constant conversation, how do you respond? What strides will you take towards taking you there? A few Google searches could get the ball rolling, or even reading a book. Whatever it is, make sure that you’re constantly building. At some point, to stop being lazy, action is needed.

At the End Lies Action

You want to stop being lazy? Then, get to moving now. Don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t plan for a perfect scenario. Nike said it best, Just Do It! To live for all these years and not realize what Nike had been saying all along is a sin. All jokes aside, those words are major. Why wait another moment? Why wait until the plan is perfect? All we need is to take action and it will work itself into perfection, whatever that looks like.

stop being lazy

Our personal growth is important. It benefits us in so many ways. It allows us access through doors our limited mindset prevents us from gaining. If it’s a book you want to write, just start writing. Who cares about the format. Who cares about the order. Just Do It! As you learn you apply, and as you apply, you’ve applied growth. The beauty of personal growth at its finest. To stop being lazy is to embrace the constant watering so that our flower blossoms. This adventure is made for those that take every opportunity growth allows them to align.

The moment we see what the eyes are unable to see, the quicker we believe. And the quicker we believe, the more effort we put into action. The more action we take, real things begin to look. The more real things begin to look, the more we keep from stalling. When we keep from stalling, we gain all the momentum we need to find the success we were destined to. But it all starts with acknowledging that voice of yours.

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