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Useful Tips to Find Your Own Identity

your own identity

Who are you really? Can you openly and honestly answer that question? The only way is to take back your own identity. From the moment we were born to where we are today, a lot has changed. The truth is, too much has changed. In the process of living sometimes we end up losing the most important thing, SELF.

We’ve all been told by the world what the perception is of who we are. But who we are isn’t based on what a perception is. It’s based on something much more deeper than that. Think about a car for a minute. In a perfect world, there is almost nothing you can do to get it started without a key. Likewise, no one can define your own identity.

You are the giver of information as it pertains to yourself. You have all rights and authority over your BEING. That means, you are to others, what you believe of yourself. That’s because others will only see what you show. And you can only show what you believe. So take back control of your own identity so that you start dictating your own life.

Search and You Shall Find

It’s hard to believe that we’ve made it this far without a sense of identity, but it makes total sense. What we are or who we want to be are far more different than the perception others have about us. That’s because we judge. That’s right, we judge so that we categorize the many people we meet.

No wonder we have a preconceive notion about anything or anyone before experiencing them. After all, it’s far easier to label than to study. But who someone labels you as is really none of your business if you really think about it. Though your truth may differ from theirs, yours will always gain precedence.

When you’ve embraced your own identity, you not only give yourself a change, but so many others as well. That’s because the more you know yourself, the more presentable you’ll be. And once you present that form of beauty to the world, they are able to see exactly what you see.

Therefore, you are not only the master of your universe, but also, the messenger. No one, no matter how hard they tried could ever replicate your story the way you can. You’ve lived it, you felt it, and only you have the ability to adjust along the way. Get to know yourself every day and dive deep into your own identity so that when you shine, the world may see you through.

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