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Episode #109 – Ways to Be Gentle With Yourself Today

be gentle

Be gentle with yourself. You deserve it more than anyone else. Not many situations include you as both the giver and receiver. But through you, those two roles are filled. It is all necessary, not only for the sake of living but also for the sake of your own mental health.

The way we show up in the world is all based on how filled we are. It makes sense right? Those that fill themselves experience life fully. Those that don’t, experience an empty life. So be gentle with yourself. As beautiful as it may sound, it requires a bit of effort. I’ll provide you with a bit of option that will give you that touch.

A Little Time for Yourself

We all have the ones we love to show up for. You know the ones we claim we’d do anything for? But too many times do we neglect ourselves in the process. To be gentle with yourself is to set a little bit of time for you to enjoy the things you like, the things you love.

It’s a responsibility we must all live up to. What are you doing to serve this one soul you’ve been blessed with? Are you setting aside the time necessary to prosper? What are you doing to celebrate this amazing thing called life you’ve been blessed with? Whatever you do, just be gentle so that you’re always felt by yourself.

Be Gentle with Your Mind

 be gentle

With so much content out there, it’s easy to fill our minds up with things that add little to no value to it. So, what are you filling your mind with? There are things that harm it, and there are things that help build it. What you put in will affect what you put out. So be gentle with your mind, so that you’re mentally strong enough to endure all things.

Music plays a big role in our lives as well. To some, music is life. This is because the content it serves us also has the ability to build us as well. It has the ability to restore hope to those in need. Music helped me heal in so many ways and am sure it has the ability to do the same for you too. Words are powerful. Be gentle with the words you intake because they too are real.

You Deserve Some Slack

On the verge of any level of success, failing is inevitable. To be honest, it’s all apart of the process. Failing is like the run before the rise of any step. Therefore, when your time comes, be gentle with yourself. Understand that it’s all of the process rather than the end. Failing is never the end, but rather, a new beginning.

Body and Soul

Now, more than ever, the focus on health is at an all-time high. Due to the fast paced world we live in, we tend to want things pretty quickly. Unfortunately, along with quick comes a lack of integrity. We move fast only to stand still. This means that we eat quickly but rarely take the time to eat the things that feed our bodies.

To be gentle with yourself is to take care of this vessel we’ve been rented. I know you’re busy, but your body still demands your attention. At the end of it all, the body takes no excuses and cannot live on such. So make your body a priority as it is all part of protecting your soul.

 be gentle

What you put into your body affects its condition. Just like a classical vehicle, our bodies require us to be gentle with it so that it lasts the test of time. We’re not here for a long time. Therefore, for the short time that we’re here, we might as well make it count. When you feed your body, you, in turn, feed your soul.

In addition, show appreciation to yourself. You are more than you give yourself credit for. We all tend to be a little harder on ourselves than we need to be. Give yourself a break, an opportunity to be acknowledged for what you’ve done thus far. If you’re reading this, give yourself a pat on the back. Because if you’re reading this, there’s a great chance you’re seeking improvement. That alone is worth a celebration.

Join me for Episode #110 – Learn to Take Control of Your Life and Be Happy. We all have a responsibility to ourselves and the quality of life we seek to align our beings, our minds with that mission.

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