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Ways to Step Into Your True Identity

your true identity

What is your true identity? By that I mean, who are you really? I ask this question because many of us are able to answer it. If not, it’s important that we give ourselves the attention we deserve. Only then can you being to understand who you are. Once you do, magic happens.

We’ve come a long way in this life. No matter the advertisement, a message about what is better is sold. With that many of us fail to feel adequate. Therefore we don’t believe in who we are, we believe more in whom we’re chasing. There, your true identity is displayed as advertised.

The most beautiful gift you’ve been given besides life itself is your uniqueness. Everything about each and every one of us is nothing like the next. We each own our own place in this world. Therefore, by being our true selves alone, we shine. In other words, to find yourself is to discover something rare.

Step Into Yourself by Spending Time Alone

How do you get to know people around you? Does it not require an investment in time? Does it not require that your full attention? Well, you deserve the same from yourself as well. The more you spend time with yourself the more you start to unravel the things that prevent you from seeing yourself. Underneath it all lies your true identity.

When I say spend time with yourself, I’m not telling you that you should be a loner? I’m simply saying that you should take the time to really enjoy your own presence. You don’t find yourself by a scavenger hunt. You find yourself by being present for yourself. We’ve all been on our individual journeys. Therefore we are each in need of tying this journey back to us.

find yourself

What is this mission we find ourselves on? Does it truly represent who we really are? Finding your true identity makes it all possible. You not only present yourself pully, but that light inside you finds room to shine. Nothing more is needed. It happens just by simply showing up in truth.

Embrace the Mirror

When you look in the mirror, I pray that you see the truth and not a representation of the acceptable. That’s because you’re accepted just the way you are. But the first and only person that should matter is you. You are the product, the seller, and the consumer. Because of this, you have a role of being, presenting, and accepting who you are before anyone gets a chance to meet you. When you find yourself, so will everyone else.

I wake up every single day knowing that I’ve been given an opportunity to display this gift that I am. The most beautiful thing of it all is that through my self-appreciation I find appreciation for all. That’s a testament that true beauty starts with you. You don’t find your place in this world without having to find yourself first.

The more you embrace yourself, the more you start to appreciate who you are. And the more you start to appreciate who you are, the more love you’ll find. The mirror isn’t for admiring the surface. The mirror is important so that you start looking within. It’s a bit deeper than the surface. It helps you see yourself through you so that you connect deeper.

Sound Out the Noise

find yourself

No matter who you choose to become, the noise will always be there. You’re so special that all four corners of the world are looking to capture you. All the while, taking you away from yourself. But thankfully by now, you’ve come to realize your worth, your beauty. and your purpose. Your true identity is silent. It needs not boast or brag because it speaks with little effort. Therefore when the noise comes, remain true. Better yet, remain you.

When you’ve drowned out the noise, your feel for life is different. You no longer operate off what pleases others. You choose to operate off what fuels you, what brings you alive. Be silent, be present, or better yet, just be you. We all need that. After all, when you drown out their noise, you get to listen to whatever makes you feel good.

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