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What Life Has Become and What It Really Means

I remember when life was a celebration, a symbolic display of new and of future things to come. A parent’s glare at their child on a playground was once filled with an overwhelming feeling of joy and optimism. But now…It’s not that they don’t feel that overwhelming feeling of joy anymore, it’s just that it’s now followed by worry, skepticism, and fear. Parents came from seeing the world as their children’s playground to wondering if this world will even give their children the opportunity to experience the world the way they once did. This is what life has become.

Like our elders usually say, “This world is nothing like what it use to be.” Of course things change with time and of course, it would be foolish for us to believe that life will always remain the same. It would also be foolish to believe that anyone living 10 to 15 years ago could predict the line of events that have recently taken place, the El Paso (Patrick Crusius as identified suspect) and Daytona, Ohio (Conner Betts as identified suspect) shooting being the most recent, as being the new norms. But as our reality sits, this is what life has become.

The meaning of life has taken a hit as the reported events of life takes a shift. The meaning of lives has changed from being precious to being equivalent to exposable objects. Now…more than ever, God willing I make it. I remember hearing my mother say, “There was a time you felt at peace knowing where your kids were, but now, no matter where they are, you pray that they make they’re way home as soon as possible, for the sake of sanity.”

just enjoy the moment

To many, life has become their worst nightmare, allowing the current events to shift the way they connect with their existence. But the truth is, the one thing that has never changed about life is that it has always had a beginning…and it has always had an ending, it has always been unpredictable. The way we create and define those moments we spend within that period is how we display what it (life) really means to us.

Now, more than ever, it is important that we take in what it is that life means to us. It is important that we cherish and truly enjoy every moment this life allows us. What it really means isn’t what we are told, neither is what is forced in our face on a daily basis. It’s what our heart calls for, it’s what stands between us and that good ol feelin. The most amazing thing about that feelin is that it is pretty easy and simple to identify. It carries no weight, anxiety, nor does it cause any fear as it sets us free, creating a space of peace that no one can take from us without our permission.

What it really means to be alive should become a major concern to us. Our meaning, our reason for being should always be clearly defined simply by the way we live our lives. Our every breath, from the moment we wake up in the morning to the moment we rest our head at night, should embody what it really means for us to live in this world…despite its conditions. Because when it’s all said and done…life means nothing…if we don’t define it.


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