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What Matters Is NOW Nothing More

what matters

The only thing that matters at this very moment is the NOW. Woah, you must be thinking. What is that about? Well, to be completely honest with you, nothing can be more important than experiencing every moment. Each as the separate entity that they are.

When you are in the NOW, nothing else matters but the sensations that you are drowned in. What matters isn’t what we’re given or the possessions we have. But rather, the memories we build and our ability to stay in the moment so that these memories stand tall.

The more you realize that nothing matters more than the moment, the more you fall into the center of joy you possess. That’s right! There’s nothing to gain, there’s nothing to lose, there is only to be uncovered. Because anything that truly matters lies in your possession.

We must always the remember importance of our focus and how we are being directed by it. But, to understand the power nowit has on our actions, on our NOW, is to understand how we can use it to produce the things we need.

Free yourself from the noise and invite peace through the settling of your thoughts. Because, in the moment, yesterday doesn’t matter, for is it is gone. Tomorrow doesn’t matter, for it has yet to come. The only thing that makes sense, the only thing that matters, is NOW. Everything else means nothing.

What Matters Makes Sense

The only thing that should matter at any given moment is NOW. Why? Well, life is always happening, and if we lose connection, we lose out of living. Now I’m not saying we’ll ever catch every moment successfully. To be aware of it and to constantly seek that connection will allow you the maximum that your life has to offer.

The more clear things are to you, the more value you start to realize exist, and the more you know you what you can do. Therefore, you are not only tapped into the NOW, but you are also connected to the door it provides you access too. In other words, everything that you have within you, you can connect with, as long as you allow yourself the stillness, the quietness in mind to do so.

Take some time, meditate, and stay connected to the vision you carry. Because when you are grounded, you are connected. And when you are connected, you are still, and the moment becomes your playground. Play well, eliminate unnecessary thoughts, and prevail as you should. The world is yours and all the things you get to feel in between.


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