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What’s Love Got to Do With It?

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“What’s love got to do with it,” some may ask. I would reply, it has everything to do with it. It is the most powerful tool available to mankind. The most amazing thing about it all is, it is built-in every human being. That’s right, we were all born with it.

Although we are all living this new reality due to the pandemic, we are all still hopeful. Just like the corona virus pandemic, there is a new wave of hate that continues to surface. But unlike the pandemic, the cure for all of this hate is here to feel and has been around for many years. Therefore, we have nothing really to worry about. All we have to do is love fully.

With this remedy in tack, what’s love if we all fail to apply it? Although we are all optimistically waiting on this new vaccine to fight this pandemic, we all have the answer to hate. It’s within every single one of us. In other words, there’s nothing for us to develop, only to exert because love is alive.

The beauty of life presents itself only when we give ourselves permission to love fully. Like Jah Cure said in the love fullysong Love Is, Love is the answer to every question. I use to take the hate I received to heart. That was before I realized the ones that exerted that energy needed love the most. With that, I was presented with the opportunity to serve them

When you realize that you have the ability to heal, it’s hard to hurt. Because to love fully is to fill rather than to empty. And if you are finding it hard to then my question is, what’s love to you? What does it mean for you to share it?

Spread Love So That People Are Fed

Born into a world where we’re constantly being taught different things. The moment, as kids, we are introduced to the idea of hate, it shifts our world once we accept it. While many reject it, many still consider it as their norm. That’s why considering the remedy of love allows us all a better option.

Those who hate aren’t necessarily bad. It’s just that the love they were embedded with lies beneath the pressures of society. No need to fear such tactics. They can be defeated and can do us no harm. I find that those who exert this fear-based act, only scream out for the love they need.

No one that hates can live a full life. Therefore, when the opportunity presents itself, give them all that you can. Know that you can either play the victim or you can serve. And for me, serving is far more important than accepting. Why would I pour energy into something that prevents us all from winning? The question I always ask myself is, What am I looking to achieve? What is my ultimate goal?

When I ask those questions I find that my purpose is far greater than the hate that is being served. When I love fully, I always win. That has been and continues to be my experience until this day. No matter the conditions we find ourselves living in, what are we doing to make it better? None of us are losers because we are equipped with this winning formula. All we must do is take it in.

We Win if We Reinvent It

love fully
Many claim that the world is bad. But to agree with that statement is to discount all of the beautiful things that continue to live within it. What are you focused on? Is it the things that affect you or the things you have the ability to affect? We are all amazing beings, all of us. Embracing it all is what exposes it to the world around us. To love fully is to take advantage of every opportunity to give. At the end of the day, what’s love if the world around you can’t have none?


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